Sam, My Dog

It was too hot and in such a day I move around naked indoor. I love the feeling of the light breeze grazing over my body. Today as my husband is away for two weeks and being alone, I took a glass of cold drink and sat on the sofa to relax. Sam my lab dog following me all along – he loved the smell of my body, sometime sneaking his nose into my loin. Now he pushed his nose between my inner thighs. My hubby and I watch lots of zoo-sex vids and both in our mid-50s sex are always spiced up.
Today I let him lick my pussy by widening my thighs and raising my hips a bit so that he could bring me several orgasms. Suddenly he stopped licking me and then jumped up on top of me and licked my face. I drew his torso near to me raised thighs and pull him between them so that his cock is nearer to me pussy. I could feel that a wet flesh assault my crotch and find the entrance to my vagina as it lodged between my pussy lips. He was fucking me for real. Once inside me each thrust took him deeper and deeper into my cunt as I felt his thick 9” cock hit my cervix and continued deeper almost hitting my back wall. I moaned - oh no no boy … but my body was reacting to his thrusts as I used to with my husband. Sam continued to fuck me for about ten minutes, and then he quickened his speed as I felt a golf-size ball at the entrance of my juice flowing cunt. Then I felt him push real hard as if his knot to stretch my vaginal canal, stopping for a few seconds trying to push his pulsating hard cock deeper. I was in a trance and moaning, whimpering and heard myself babbling as I reached a mind shattering series of orgasm. Now he started to eject jets of cum - his sperm almost burnt inside of my love canal for a few seconds - I reached orgasm after orgasm. His cock seemed to grow longer and thicker, his knot almost plugging my pussy entrance, as he climaxed. His cum is quite copious, lighter and hotter than man’s.
I held him closer to me as I kissed him and stroking his head telling him that no men had been able to fuck me before like him!!
That was not the first time. After that I fucked Sam at night in doggie position. It was great indeed, and I let him sleep with me. In the morning as soon as I woke up we fucked again. We rested for rest of the day. Whole day my boobs felt heavy and pussy lips remained engorged and throbbing, as if I couldn’t get enough of him and he wanted more by moving around me all the time.
I decided to wear one of my husband’s shirts and walk around without panties. When Sam wanted he would lick my ass or cunt and circle around me. I would just pull up my shirt up and drop down on all fours and let him fuck me whenever he wanted. He also knew that if I kissed him and knelt in front of him I wanted him to fuck me. Now my friends tell me I have the glow of woman 25 years younger and want to know my secret. I just tell them I stay sexually active and in shape.

1.3 years ago

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    • You: Knock, knock.
      sam:: Who's there?
      You: Knot.
      sam: Knot who?
      You: Knot me.
      Sam: okay. Spread your legs . . . bitch.

    • I read somewhere several years ago that even though all dogs have a powerful sense of smell, there are some that can actually smell when you ere ovulating, and they will come and mount you aggressively, wanting to breed you out like a bitch in heat. When I read that, I immediately thought, "Dear Fucking God in heaven---- let a super hung stud find me next month and please make me HIS bitch and let my cycles start to have a purpose, even if it's only to please dogs . . . . but please let them all have gigantic cocks and let them all smell my ovulation so they'll know I'm ready and filthy. Let me bleed so I can breed." I would even go so far as yo get a tramp stamp saying "BITCH IN HEAT", so dog owners would know where to aim their beasts. Just the thought of that ovulation signal and its canine response makes me horny AF!!!!

    • Yes, dogs have a powerful sense of smell. They can sense when your pussy is wet and mostly when you are menstruating. In such times he will follow you and try to nuzzle into your crotch area. If you wish, you may open your thighs to give him access to lick and bring you orgasm as quickie.

    • So, can Sam tell when you ovulate? If so, what does he do in response?? Does he become more insistent to get up inside you? Does he leave the knot in a lot longer??
      And from your perspective, do you want that hot knot even more when you ovulate????

      And please tell more about the heat and power of his cumshots. Do you leak a long time after he pulls out? How does it feel?

    • Disturbing. Disturbed.

    • Cousin

    • Why can’t people just enjoy a story… fake or real … COVID has us all on edge

    • Because there is a line when writing stories! Child porn, incest, murder and animal cruelty is crossing the line! You may not think it is! But it is thats why it is against the law!

    • It would be so funny if you were knotted and your husband walked in.

    • As we both watch lots of dog-sex videos in the net, he will not mind, I am sure!! But I already have talked to him over phone that Sam was with me - that Sam was in my bed...

    • I’d love to see the hot pussy that the dog fucked. You should send me some pics via email
      t landry 02@ yahoo . com

    • O.M.M.F.G.! What happen when hubby come home? Holy shitake! What if he walk in on real true love and sees you love Sam more than him? What then?

    • Please (1) tell us more about the joy and intensity and wonder of the knotting experience (i've read elsewhere that it makes life worth living), (2) explain how a novice like me can get the right dog and make him want to get with me that first time, and (3) how do I hide it from my husband since I kind of expect to be (and hope to be) literally covered in semen all the time AND SMELLING OF IT CONSTANTLY. Mostly, (4) how do I keep the dog happy and keep him from cheating on me. I want him to ALWAYS come to ME and nowhere else when he's horny.

    • It is hard to relate the joy of being knotted, in fact you don't knot the same way as a bitch in heat. But once the knot is in it almost throbs against the g-spot and you feel that his cock is expanding and you intuitively start squeezing your cunt as he tries to jab his cock deeper into you. - You must get a large dog, a Lab or Rotw, trained to fuck. First get him know the smell your body, then your crotch area and teach him to lick your pussy. Spreading some whipped cream or peanut butter between your pussy lips make it simpler. Do not rush as being licked will give you series of orgasm and he will get to love licking your pussy juices. - Dog cum might smell heavy, take a good shower after you had mate with him. - Unlike human, dogs never cheat, it is not in his mental dictionary! - You should take care of your dog as he becomes a part of your life. Give him bath regularly, his cock (and your pussy) must be kept immaculately clean and watch his health with periodic health check by your vet. Google for more 'how to'+dog sex.

    • Bull shit! Dogs will mate with one female dog after another! You can't even fact check before you write fake bull shit!

      Vets and most people with a brain will figure out what you are doing with a dog! If you are putting peanut butter on your crotch then the dog is going to jam his nose in everyones crotch to smell for it! And start humping because that's what you taught him to do! You reward him for it and he don't know any better!

      God your fake stories are pathetic!

    • Thank you so so SO much for providing these incredibly helpful and intimate details and encouragements. I really love the image of him pushing deeper and deeper into your sweetness, obviously wanting and trying to give you more and more pleasure, the exact opposite of a human male partner, whose primary goal is to please himself. I intend to start looking at labs today. Thanks for sharing your experience!!!!

    • How dis-formed and retarded you must be, that the only sex you can get is from a dog asshole!

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