Sexy wife

Whenever me and my wife go on vacation, we always try to have a little sexual fun while were gone. Being the all American suburban family with three kids in school and sports, we do have a image to uphold. But on vacation, we can let loose and be a little wild. We don't do anything too wild, maybe dress a little provocatively or super small bikini has always been the extent of my wifes wild side. That is until we went to Florida last week.

We stayed at my aunt's condo in a gated community. It was great having fee people in the pool, especially at night. We had just come back from a nice dinner and clubbing where I had convinced my wife to wear a dress with no panties. No, she didn't flash anyone. We decided to go for a swim and still a little frisky, my wife put on a mesh see-through bikini. I was surprised when she came out of the bedroom, but she did point out the time, 1:00am. The odds of anyone being awake in this gated community was slim.

We made our way to the pool and got in, frolicking around I positioned myself between her legs and got my dick inside her. A little tug on her bikini string and now her tits were free. I was sucking her tits and slowly fucking her when I looked up and noticed a guy standing next to the pool. My wife's bikini top had floated to the edge where he picked it up and asked if we needed it. I assured him we did as I stepped away from wife to take the top from this stranger hands.

As I took my wifes top back, he made the comment that we were both a beautiful couple, and if we were interested, he would love to professionally photograph us both in a provocative manner. He had evidently been a porno cameraman before he retired, and hadn't done any work for a few years. He assured us there would be no charge, and all the film would be ours to keep. I hesitantly asked my wife, expecting a no, but was surprised when she responded quickly saying yes. We planned to meet the next night and shook hands.

The next evening, my wife and showed up at this guys condo. He had a nice setup that I could tell had been recently arranged. He was still making adjustments as stood and talked. Then we started talking about the process. He was very professional and we could tell he had done this for a long time. He had formal contracts written up which he went over with us. There would be no money exchange and all film was property of me and my wife. Then explained how we could stop at anytime or any reason. He proceeded to have us both disrobe and instructed me to kiss my wife and pretend he wasn't there.

My wife and got a little into it and before long, my dick was in her pussy. That was first we heard from this guy. He stopped us and instructed me on how to position my body for maximum camera coverage. We tried again, and again, but I just didn't get what he was say. He asked if he could demonstrate for me. My wife and I both agreed. He then stepped between my wife's legs and fully clothed, positioned his body and acted like he was fucking her. His pelvis again full clothed was bouncing off my wife's bare pussy. The site of him even pretending to fuck my wife made my dick visibly harder.

As he returned to the camera, my wife made a comment about my dick being so hard and asked if I liked watching him dry hump her. Honestly I had never realized how horny that would make me, and I admit that it was hot watching her. She asked me if I wanted to watch for real and I said yes. Not even realizing what she was going to do, she stopped and asked the guy if he could show us one more time, only this time, she asked if he could actually penetrate her. He looked at me and I shook my head yes. Without a second to spare, he stripped his clothes, rolled on a condom, and got between my wife's legs. I watched as he sunk his cock in my wife's pussy and fuck her to orgasm.

Luckily he had started filming and captured the whole thing on video. Him fucking my wife as I stood next to the bed and stroked myself. That was by far the most dirty thing we had ever done, and we loved it. I'm so glad we have the video so we can watch on our nights alone.

1.3 years ago

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    • My wife goes on vacation once a year to Jamaica by herself. She says jamaican men love fucking white women. She stays there for two or three weeks then comes home a happy and satisfied wife. With a nice tan.

    • Great wife

    • Luck guy

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