Ass sex

I have always wanted to fuck my wife in her ass. Not that I want to keep doing, I just wanted to do it one time to see what it's like. She has told me for many years that is a no fly zone. She got drunk a couple weeks ago, and I'm talking one of those pass out drunk drunks. She was more horny than usual and she wanted me to take her home so we could have sex. I had her on her hands and knees and I'm fucking her hard. She's pushing back against me with her ass and talking dirty. Saying shit like you know you want my pussy. Fuck me, fuck me hard. That's when I pulled my dick out and positioned it at her butthole. I expected her to pull away and say no like she always does, but instead she said. Just go slow. I eased my dick in past the head. She was still moaning, and I was surprised she pushed back against me. I pushed a little deeper, and little deeper until finally I was all the way in. I started fucking her slowly, but soon she started rocking faster and faster, telling me to fuck her hard. I started fucking her fast and hard, and not a minute later she had a mass earthquake orgasm. I had never seen act that way and it excited me to the point where I unloaded in her butt. The next morning she didn't even remember having sex. I told her about the earthquake orgasm, but she denies it, saying there was no way she allowed me to fuck her in the ass.

1 month ago

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    • The question is do you want more butt … lol .. now what??

    • First time I fucked my wife's ass hole, I used ample amount of Vaseline deep into her anus using my two fingers and also along my shaft. The we both were in heaven for half an hour of fucking. OMG! she now wants more ... often twice a week!

    • My coworker is real straight laced, we were on a company retreat and on the last night I managed to get some drinks in her, I threw her over the couch, no condom so I gave it to her anal, no lube, she squealed like a pig, best fuck ever, next day she said let’s never talk about it again

    • My wife loves it like twice a year, full on anal down to my balls. She uses a vibrator on her clit and sometimes she has buried a dildo into her pussy while I use her ass. I have no idea what drives this for her but I always indulge her wishes.

    • All girl like in the butt hole
      We have a camp where the girl stay, when you work for UNHCR in food distribution all girl want more food for family
      They take in the butt hole even young ones
      Not get baby and all have come

    • She had to be a little sore from that ass fucking. What about all the cum and Hersey highway afterwards ? Who cares, change the sheets and wash the panties.

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