I secretly cum in food I serve my female guests

Over the years my place has become the go to when my friends and I want to get together. Well, I've formed a habit of cumming in the food I serve my female guests and watching in awe as they eat it all up, thanking me for serving them, and often asking for seconds.

1 month ago

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    • Did this tonight to my daughter's pizza party

    • Filthy arsehole

    • ...is the part of your body where you like dicks to go

    • Back when I was single I dated a guy who's roommate did that. I had no idea about that until after we became a couple when he warned me. At first I was nearly speechless. I had eaten over enough times to know I had eaten that guy's cum. The thing was, his roommate was handsome and always seemed normal. I had a hard time wrapping my head around that this was happening, to me. I talked to my BFF and found out her brother did that too. It was a huge family secret problem because basically everyone in the family had caught her brother adding his DNA to stuff in their refrigerator. I was horrified, grossed out and... entertained. As gross and upsetting as it was to her, I also really thought it was really funny. It was then that I got the humor in my bf's roommate.

    • I've done that so many times , my wife her friends lots of people. I'm addicted to it.

    • Creepy.

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