I shave my balls

I shave my balls and ass . I feels so good. Makes sex better.

1 month ago


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    • Just shaved butt last night . It’s so smooth right now.

    • About 10 years ago, I started shaving my balls and dick. Now I also shave my underarms and chest completely down to my dick. My wife knows that I shave it all and has never mentioned a word about it.

    • Iv only started doing this the past year, and its amazing, but then again, iv only done it once i fell in love with her 10 inch toy, my god its amazing

    • It makes ass play much better. Enjoy it .

    • Best thing to use is veep

    • I keep my taint asshole nice and smooth . I try to keep man scaped balls and cock but definitely more my taint and ass. Never when the wife wants to run it and slide a finger or two in. She ask why I keep it that way I just tell her I don't want dingle berries.

    • Once a week my anal wife showers with me and shaves my hairy back and ass. The cherry on top. she washes my ass real good and gives me the best tongues ass sex on her knees, reaching giving me a hadjob.
      One sad note. She said in college she did for a BF while a sorority sister gave him a blowjob. She returned the favor for her BF. Where the fuck is sis now?

    • Still sounds amazing

    • I started with just shaving my nuts but over time my penis was clean as well. Now I shave everything including my underarms, chest , legs, and ass. My Panties feel so nice against a clean shaven body.

    • Same here

    • I will lick and rim a shaved ass and balls, no problem!

    • Mmmmm

    • I shave it all off too, I have for years. I absolutely hate pubic hair, so my wife shaves too. We sometimes wax down their. I don't mind waxing, but my wife doesn't care for it. She says waxing hurts, but I didn't think it hurts that bad. I think some people just psych themselves into thinking it's going to hurt, so they're already in pain before it even starts. Of course it may have had something to do with letting another woman see and handle my junk. My wife didn't much care for having to sit in the room with us while this beautiful woman waxed me.

    • I'm smooth from the neck down to my toes. I haven't had any body hair for years. I love how it feels.

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