Former Wife Now A Renewed Slut

Sometimes people can change. I found that out with my ex wife. I was in my twenties and she was in her early thirties and divorced. I married her because of her long saggy tits. She let me bang her good when I was horny in the early stage of our marriage. I found out she wasn't into oral sex. She let me insert and play with her dark hairy pussy. Several years went by and I tried to talk her into wife swapping, but no luck. I started to cheat on her and she found out and we divorced. Years went by and she was in her fifties when she gave me a surprise visit. We talked of old times together. "I knew you liked my long saggy tits and dark hairy pussy. " as she sat very close to me. To my surprise she placed my hand on her breasts and rubbed my privates. "I'll let you play and suck my breast if you desire, for old times sake. " as she gave me a big grin. Then she stood up exposing her now aged very long empty tits and dangled them in my face. "I can suck your cock if desire me to do. " This was a shocker to me. " You never wanted to suck it. " I said. Then she told me she been renewed in her line of thinking.
I pulled out my dick and said, "Suck it bitch! " To my surprise she woofed it deep in her mouth. Before I knew it she took off her bottom and lowered that hairy big lipped snatch on it and grind into me while filling her empty tits in her mouth. She told me to slide down a bit and eat her pussy out. "You never wanted me to eat you! " I said. She told me it climaxes her into getting her fluids going. I filled my mouth with her pussy lips and pulled on them. " I'm ready to be the slut that you wanted me to be. We can go and join a swing club for sexual fun! "
She moved in with me and showed me other new side of her. We even go to nudist resorts and web cam together.

3 months ago


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    • I was married 2 years and never got a blowjob . sex was once i blue moon we split and i went away . 3 years later i came back to town and i bumped into my ex wife .she now married and 7 months pregnant . wow what a change . i fucked her that night every possibe way even anal . she sucked me off non stop and it was some feeling cumming inside her while she carrying another mans child .

    • Aren't sluts wonderful?

      Remember, slut is a term women use to describe other women who's lifestyle they desire.

    • Hi divorce my wife because she didn't want me sucking dick 5 years now and only sex I have sucking dick black ones

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