First time sex as lesbian

Met a girl online and agree to met at a bar. We agreed to dress up, I wore a sexy short black tube dress barely cover my ass and my breast, a pair of nude pantyhose and a pair of 5” sandal heels, braless and no underwear.

When I met her at a bar, she was wearing white crop top without bra showing her nipples, black mini skirt with a pair of black pantyhose, and a pair of 5” sandal heels (exact the same one I wear). We were laughing at each when we saw each other wearing the same shoes.

We sat down at a corner table, have a few drinks and appetizers. In the middle of conversation, she accidentally rub my leg with her shoe. She apologized and I said you can seduce me. She opened her eyes and asked: are you sure? I was like yeah and you can do whatever you want to seduce me.

She start to seduce me with her leg touching and rubbing my leg. I also did the same thing back to her. Then she starts to touch me with her hands and likewise for me.

She invited me to her apartment and I agree. We sat down and continue to have chat. Then she wanted to say something but stop. I ask if you wanna me to have sex with you? She knocked her head. I said I am ok but I am virgin with a woman. She said that is ok, she will treat me with respect if I say no during the sex.

We go to her bed, start kissing each other and then I took off her t-shirt, see her breast and can’t believe I am kissing and licking a woman breast. She moaned and then pull down my tube dress to show my breast, she also kissed and licking my breast. Then we took each other dress off , noticing both of as have pantyhose crotches in wet and laugh. I ask her what should we do since we don’t have men in front of us… she asked me wanna to try scissor position, I asked her how. She said basically each of us will have pussy against each other and rubbing against each other. I was like interesting and said let do it. We were still with pantyhose and high heels on, we lay on the mattress and start the scissor position and rub against each other pussy, it felt so good.. then we remove our pantyhose and decided to have heels on… we continue to scissor position till we cum. Then I wanna to try to each her pussy, I ask her if she mind. She said sure and we have 69 position and we eat each other push till we cum again.

Both of us were exhausted and we sleep in naked body till the next morning.

Since then we see each other very often and this is how I started my lesbian life. No more dick for me.

3 months ago

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    • Thats just so fantastic, I have a lesbian friend and we are just great together better than any dick for sure.

    • I love having sex with pantyhose or stockings on. Sometimes it’s hard to find another girl into doing it that way.

    • Beautiful and erotic. I do it with any woman although I don't consider myself a lesbian. I don't like labels. I like to feel sexy and wanted. I want to be cuddled and eaten. you made my day.

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