I want someone to rape me

I want someone to rape me,just the thought of someone taking advantage of makes me horny. force yourself on me & make me your slave please make me your slave please

12 days ago

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    • Nobody’ want to fuck your straight ass faggot

    • You are a queer crossdressing faggot that thinks you are a woman!!

    • I've forced myself onto two girls. No regrets.

    • Here's to hoping one of them comes back and forces lead into your head!

    • When I'm alone at home during the day and the doorbell rings I get wet. I picture the delivery man forcing his way in and pushing me on the bed and putting his hand over my mouth as he rapes me. Sometimes after he drops off a package and leaves I get on the bed and put my hand hard over my mouth and masturbate. I scream into my hand and sometimes I grip my arm so tight it leaves bruises. I have never told anyone this and I feel terribly guilty about it. I'm a feminist but I can't let go of these feelings.

    • My first apartment was a quick decision that turned out to be in a not so great part of the area around the university. I lived there for about two weeks and was punched in the stomach then dragged to the apartment where I spent the next several hours being sexually assaulted. The guy was prepared for doing this, pulled ties and rope out of his pockets and had me how he wanted in minutes. Other than getting punched he did not hit me again and truthfully was fairly gentle with everything else. When I reported it the only thing that ever came back was a prior maintenance guy but they had no clue where was then.

    • I am the same way when someone rings the doorbell during the day. Some days I wear just a long t-shirt around the house and I have answered the door talking to salesman or getting a delivery if I notice the driver pulling up.

    • Am really not in this but would love my mom-in-law to have this fantasy

    • How do you know she doesn't?

    • I know the OP is probably, more than likely a guy. However, my wife has a fantasy of being raped. I asked her why? And she said she doesn't know, it just turns her on thinking about some masked guys kidnapping her in the back of a van, and then ripping her clothes off and taking turns fucking her with their big cocks. Then she imagines they bring her back to her car and push her out, while driving off. Kind of a weird fantasy, but to each their own I guess.

    • Nobody wants to fuck you in the ass you faggot.

    • Your dad sure did last night. Ouch!

    • Your dad fucked you in the ass last night? Well I stand corrected, I guess you are a faggot who gets molested.

    • No your father and son tag teamed me up my shithole and now it leaks poo. Did they molest you as hard as they raped me? Gee for your sake I hope not!

    • That's what I said. Your father and son tag teamed you. You don't read so well do you?

    • Bull shit your ass has been leaking after you let that horse fuck you! So don't blame the father and son!

    • I have the photos of you sucking your dad while your son does your pussy and your brother is up your ass, what’s funny is they all have the most disgusted looks on their face!

    • They pulled your sick pedo story to bad!

    • Now I have to go do some more kids so my next story will be true and you won't be able to call me a bull shit liar! Hey, are there any kids where you live?

    • Ha ha ha hey man I wanna see those photos

    • Yeah baby every woman likes the rape! She digs gettin it done to her makes her come every time. Woman always come when they get rape I make you a slave and make you come a hundred time all tie up and fucked in every hole

    • You fools! It's a guy who wrote this!

    • And your proof is what? I thought so. You have none.

      We know that YOU are a woman, though, although by your logic you are really a man.

    • Felina, is that you?

    • Add me on Snapchat: itsxavier1999

    • According to the National Institute of Health, in the peer-reviewed study "The nature of women's rape fantasies: an analysis of prevalence, frequency, and contents," 62% of women have rape fantasies.

    • Your non-consent fetish is really common. I still have mine, even after getting raped for real. For me, for safety sake, I just tease my husband and rebuff his romantic gestures until he gets THAT hint and TAKES me.

    • You only believe that because you have not experienced an actual rape.

    • I was raped twice and each time was amazing, I miss it...

    • You are full of shit! Too bad they did not kill you!

    • My wife wants to get raped do u think I should push her down randomly and rape her

    • Yes if thats what she is into! Just have a safe word to stop it if needed!

    • We have a safe word! But then I stuff her panties in her mouth and all I hear is mmmffrr rrffgghhrr!

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