My first Bi blowjob

I was 15 he was late 20's. Me and my mates would go to his house and get stoned, then this last time all the guys had crashed and burned there was no where really left to sleep he could tell I was about to pass out and said there's a spare room at the back of the house, you can crash there if you want. I said thanks and staggered off down the hall past the bathroom into last room on the right saw the bed stripped to my jocks and fell into the bed. I was sleeping in seconds. Some time during the night I woke up as my briefs were being pulled down then a cold hand was grabbing my Cock which hardened pretty damn quick, I had no idea who it was the room was dark, and the sheet seemed to be over their head. I didnt really care especially when those warm wet lips engulfed my Cock and immediately started bouncing up And down my hard cock. That mouth was like a sealed vacuum, I kinda felt like my body was lifting of the bed as it went up, it wasn't long before as my hands gripped the sheets by my sides tight I exploded and pumped what to this day I still believe to be the biggest load of my life into that wet sucking mouth. I felt so faint and drained by the time "Glen" whispered in my ear did you like that ?
Do you want to suck me now, I timidly said no thanks. Ok he said back and I just went to sleep, in the morning he was gone to work and my mates had all left as well. I hitched home and the next weekend when we went back the house was empty. He'd moved.
100% true, nothing was changed, including his name.

3 months ago

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