Cheating cock sucking Husband

I’ve suspected my husband was cheating for a while, but I could never prove it. So two weekends ago I hid a camera downstairs and one in our bedroom. I made sure prior to, that he thought I was going out of town to my parents for the weekend. But I really just got a hotel room by our house.
Friday I watched the cameras for hours and nothing. He walked around the house naked eating pizza, jerked off and fell asleep. It’s weird to know he does that but I was happy. Then Saturday night he comes home real late. It looked like someone was with him, but the downstairs camera didn’t pick up a clear picture. But when he got to the bedroom he cut on the nightstand light and I could see everything. He was sitting on the edge of the bed and a woman in a tight ugly dress walks towards him. The way the camera is pointed towards the bed her face was out of frame. She dropped her dress to the floor and took her bra off, my tits are bigger. At that point my husband is still just sitting there, she says something then started to pull down her tights. Then I’m in complete shock, she’s trans. He pulled her tights down hand grabbed her dick and took it in his mouth. I grabbed my stuff and raced home, I was so fucking pissed.
But I got home and decided to sneaked in and confront them.
I got upstairs and the bedroom door was wide open so I stayed on the steps for a minute. But and that point, she had my husband bent over the bed fucking him. They could see me so I stood at the top of the steps watching and waiting. I was a little turned on but was more hurt and angry.
She fucked my husband for what seemed like forever, then pulled out. He got on his knees and as she came on his face he saw me. I have to admit I ran in there and blacked out I punched and kicked the shit out my husband and she ran out. So the outcome is we are getting divorced. I tried to have an open mind and invited her back into our bedroom, but I couldn’t do it. She was beautiful and I’m probably going to try and explore trans women. However, not with my husband. I love him but her hurt me and it’s not my job to make him feel better about what he did.

3 months ago

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    • Would you of been happier if it were a pussy he was cheating with ?

    • If you would of been doing your job never would of happened just saying

    • Try fucking him with a strap on and u dominate him

    • Take him back and have fun together

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