Best Jerk off Ever

What you need for the best jerk session ever:
1. One pack of women nylon socks.
2. One towel
3. Three rubber bands
1. Hairbrush rubber handle
2. Latex gloves/condom
3. Coconut oil

What to do:
1. Fold and roll the towel
2. Put three rubber bands around the towel (top, middle, bottom)
3. Use your hand to widen the opening on top of the towel to fit your dick
4. Put one or two nylon socks on your dick, depending on the feeling you want.
5. Find the position that works best
6. Enjoy

Optional what to do:
1. Place condom or latex gloves over rubber handle of brush
2. Use coconut oil to lube the brush handle
3. Insert slowly to desired depth

I came the best while bouncing up and down on the brush and stroking my nylon dick with the towel. I fell over when I came. It’s was amazing. Try it let me know what you think.

14 days ago

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    • Or, you could get yourself a girlfriend!

    • Sound like dis fag need a boyfriend

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