I sucked cock for pot while working as a nanny

I took a job watching my cousins children after high school. I went to a town I didn’t know for free room and board and $200 a week, and I was beyond bored without any friends.

There was a single man living in the basement who came up to use the kitchen sometimes. He was a little older and really cute, but I was shy and didn’t know how to talk to him.

He was making dinner when one of the kids asked him to come sit under a blanket with us. He said he would for a few minutes, and sat beside me under the blanket on the couch.

“What’s with the blanket?” He asked. “Our hands are coke” he reached over and found my hands and held them. “They’re not that cold. I think you’re kinda hot, actually.” Then he pulled one of my hands over and put it on the erection sticking out of his bathrobe.

I hasn’t held many, but his was amazing and instead of pulling Away I ran my hand up and down the shaft until he closed my grip, and then I stroked him. I was so turned on I couldn’t stop. “I guess you think I’m kinda hot too maybe?” And then he slid my hand up and cover the head as it gushed cum all over my hand. I dunno why, but that’s when I asked if he had any weed to smoke. “Got any Money?” No. “Well I have super weed that isn’t cheap”. Well, I’ve got ways of paying for it like you’ve never seen before. “Do you spit or swallow? No deal if you can’t eat it” I absolutely hate the taste of cum, but I pulled my hand out and slurped it all up and showed it to him. He just stared and said “now swallow” and I did, but cringed with disgust.

He told me to come down once they were in bed. It was an hour or so later when I knocked on his door. He unlocked and half opened the door, I zipped in and turned around, he was buck naked with a huge erection, and I couldn’t stop staring at it. He just waited until I looked up and said “I’ll give you a joint if you let me see you naked.”

I just stood there and watched him light the joint - he half handed it over and pulled back. “Shirt off”, and I took it off to show I had already removed my bra, as well as socks panties and anything but my shirt and shorts. He stared at my tiny tits and gave me the joint.

“Its not just me, i want to lick you too.” I smoked half the joint and I was already fucked and it hadn’t even kicked in yet. He told me to smoke it all at once and then it will last all night. I found out later it was half meth, and we weren’t gonna be sleeping at all. “You may want to lay down though”

I laid down on the bed and he got down and grabbed my shorts. “Lift your ass” and suddenly I was naked with a man I just met asking if he could spread my legs, which was already happening cuz his face was pushing into my pussy. He licked me until I was shaking from sheer nervousness and begging him to stop, and he got up and shut off the lights so he couldn’t see me and tried again. I told him no one had ever touched me before. He stopped and slid up to my face. “What have you done?” I told him I had one boyfriend who got a blowjob every lunch hour after we smoked a joint, but he wanted more and I broke up with him. He asked how long were we together and I said 2 years. He said it went as far as it was going to, and he promised not to try and have sex I was saving for marriage cuz no one would ever marry me.

Then he laid beside me and asked if I was more comfortable doing what I wanted, and I got between his legs and gave him the best blowjob of his life.

I never stop or gag or choke. I also never swallowed for anyone but him, not even my husband, but I was high and horny, and had no idea I’d be swallowing 3-6 loads a day for the next 4 months, but I that’s what I did. He insisted on seeing it before I swallowed because he wanted me to taste it before it was gone and I hated it. He somehow got me to sit on his face to 69, and we just licked and sucked for the longest time. Eventually he got up and turned on the lights and asked me to hold my mouth open and then jerked off a huge load into my mouth while staring right into my eyes and I was frozen, even when he took a Polaroid and showed me the cum all over my mouth and face, I totally forgot to swallow It was the hottest most disgusting thing I had ever done.

We talked for a long time and every couple hours he’d tell me he was ready for another one and I’d suck him off again. He ate me out until I came - my first real orgasm i think, and then he asked me to roll over and ate my ass while sliding lubed fingers up inside. Something he did a little more everyday until suddenly he laid on top and shoved his dick in me. It was so weird, but it just happened and kept happening, and it made me cum too. Then one day he was playing with my pussy and I passed out - he slipped me some G to make me horny but it was too much - and when I woke up I wasn’t a Virgin anymore and it wasn’t even sore - which is exactly what I wanted with him at that time.

He was being transferred and we both had to separate - so I asked him his greatest unfulfilled fantasy - and then we got drunk and high and found a cock I could ride while he fucked me up the ass. We were all drunk, and it was so hot and amazing and I came so many times, but they took so long finishing and That my ass took months to feel normal again, and I never let anyone touch it again.

He also got me hooked to speed - I didn’t know that and he refused to tell me where he was getting the weed - the big bag he left me wasn’t even close to as good cuz he left out the meth, but when someone laced a joint and I discovered it was meth 10 years later, I spent that whole night sucking my husbands dick while shoving toys up my ass, and although it had been years since I came like that; nothing will ever replace my perverted first love.

14 days ago

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    • Um, I'm just gonna go get a buncha meth, I'll be right back...

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