I fucked the math teacher I told everyone I hated for years

I had a math teacher in high school who always had boners and wore sweats so it was obvious, but he would set it on my desk to get my attention, and it was impressive, but everyone saw it and it was so obvious he was turned on by my, so it was embarrassing.

I finally had enough and wrote him a letter and turned it in with my homework, but it was ignored, so I found some super tight spandex shorts I wore in junior high and pulled them to show the sluttiest camel toe I could and because of where my desk is only he could see it under my mini skirt. I left him a note to have a look but he ignored me.

I asked to use the washroom and pulled off the shorts and my panties and went back to class. I stared at him sitting at his desk until he looked at me, and then I made a sexy look and spread my legs. He sure didn’t ignore that, nor could he stop looking over, so I spread them even more and when the class was over, he asked me to stay back for a minute while everyone left, and asked the last kid to close the door.

That’s when stood up and sported a massive erection, so big it was obvious he had never really had one before. He just has a big cock. I was so embarrassed and slammed my legs together. He walked over. “Not fair. You make me see yours, now you’re gonna see mine” - he pulled down his sweats and a massive meat rocket popped straight out, and i couldn’t stop looking at it the whole time he walked it right over to my face, and since I opened my mouth he didn’t stop until I was sucking it, and I was so turned on I didn’t even realize I was fingerbanging myself off the whole time.

It all happened so fast, but i had a massive orgasm no one heard cuz he grabbed my head just as he filled my mouth full of cum, and he wouldn’t let go until I swallowed the evidence.

That’s when reality set in and the shame crashed down. I was in shock - I was the girl in school who never said no to sucking a cock, but this was a teacher - and I was embarrassed but I still wanted him inside me. Even his name was mr. Dickoww!

I told him we shouldn’t have done this and I need to ask my parents what to do next - “you made me swallow all that cum, but it’s still there and you’re guilty of being with a student!”

He got all defensive and scared, and I told him the only way to settle it is for him to drive me home after school. “My Parents are never home Before 6, so that gives us 2 hours alone in an empty house to figure out how to make this right. So far you’re in the wrong for making me do things so I have to find some way to make you do things for me. In my room, on my bed, with that cock right up inside me. I wanna fuck!”

We ended up going to his garage and then sneaking in back door. He ate me out until I came and I didn’t stop cumming the whole time he fucked me. I could hardly walk for a week afterwards. Once I knew where he lived it happened a lot more times until I got married 4 years later.

Well, roughly until then anyways.

3 months ago

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    • Hot. Did your math teacher take your virginity?

    • Fuck off pedo!

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