I have been able to suck myself for about twenty years

The first time I tried it I was around ten years old and all I could do was lick the tip and by the time I was twelve I was sucking myself off all the time. I never quit doing it and remained super flexible from also doing yoga. My penis is also longer than average at just about eight inches, matter of fact the first time my then girlfriend now wife saw it and started playing with it I think her first comment was "Jackpot". She loves to ride me and does it all the time, her preferred position is on top. I think we were married about two years and one night she was holding my cock in her hands and for some reason she told me that I bet you wish you could suck your own cock some days. I told her that I could suck it and she looked up at me with this huge open smile and told me no way you can do that, show me! She let out a long oh my God as she watched it sink into my mouth a few inches then in and out for several.
She was so turned on by it that for about a month she kept asking me to do it and one night she was above my head and pulled it away from me and sucked on it then pushed it back down to me. She loved doing it and was always giggling her ass off that I could do it, she would laugh and tell me that I did not need her for anything.
One evening she screwed up though, she was out with some friends and one of them was pissed off at her husband, during the ranting she told the women that her husband was going to be sucking his own dick for a while. My wife in all the laughter told them that she could not say that to me because he can do it. They all laughed harder then one of them said he really can as a question to her, she said she was totally embarrassed and felt like an idiot for saying it but she nodded her head up and down and they all were laughing. I told her this ever gets back to me from one of the guys and I will seriously spank your ass until you are crying. She laughed about it but I was serious.
One of her friends was over at our house and in a brief moment when we were alone she gave me a look and winked, I just asked her what was up and she laughed a bit and told me nothing. I told my wife later on thanks for telling your friends about it now they all probably want to see me do it, she put her hand up to her mouth laughing and told me yes, they all do why? I told her about the quick thing with her friend and she told me come on, quit worrying about it.
So far no guys have ever commented to me about it but I kind of want one them to do it because I really want to spank my wife for letting this out.

3 months ago

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