Hard exposed nipples

I love the thought of exposing my wife to other people. She has very large breast with good size nipples that are always erect. I am always trying to get her to not wear a bra which sometimes she will. At the very least I try to get her to wear a thin bra that you can see them poke thru if she gets a chill. I also remove the pads from her bathing suits so everyone gets a perfect outline of her nipples and areolas. Some of here swimsuits will allow her whole nipple to come out and I will not tell her. So anyone walking by or around us gets a show.... once she notices she gets mad and asks why I didnt tell her. Its because I love for other people to see her exposed. Its awesome to see other guys sneaking a peek and have them look at her. I guess I am weird but it is so hot. I have nude pics on my phone as well. Sometimes I will pretend to show a friend something on my phone and show them a nude pic of my wife. Love for others to see her!

3 months ago

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    • It took awhile and I tried lots of ways to show off my wife, she is barely 4'9" and under 100 pounds, but blessed up top.
      One day I did manage to get her top off at the lake, and several guys saw her.
      She got all flushed at some of the comments, and man was she turned on, we barely got inside our house, ending up making love in the living room.
      After that, we did it some more, went to a nude beach, and some upskirt and downblouse stuff.
      Great fun, the big one was 4 friends of ours were over, so she did a strip tease after pretending to be drunk.
      Everyone saw everything that day, she had her legs open, knees pulled back, she even used her fingers to spread herself for them to see.
      That was just last week, we will be doing it again I am sure.
      One of the guys told me he wanted his own wife to do that, I told him I would love to see it. Maybe the wife and I will go over there, she could break the ice so to speak.

    • My wife has pancake 🥞 nips with big lumps where the hair grows out. She never wears a bra and I swear I’ve seen guys gag on their vomit looking at her.

    • My wife aged 42 has an well endowed boobs with nice pair of about 1" nips when erect. They have grown to that size when she stated to wear snugly fitting rubber rings and tug the nips out through them using Vaseline. Recently I have made two silver nip-rings with flower motif around them for her. She loves to wear them showing off through her thin cotton shirt.

    • The OP sounds like my husband. He's done everything the OP has done and more. I don't like feeling forced, like when he cuts out the pads and linings on my swimwear, but I admit I love being tricked or oblivious to my overexposure and then hearing about it afterwards. My favorite time was when textile kids got caught spying on us at a nudist resort. When asked if I wanted to file charges I just laughed and said no. My husband's liking to 'accidentally' show off his naughty pictures of me has me nervous and excited but with mixed feelings. I don't like the worry of getting humiliated or in trouble, in any way over it. Each time I found out he showed them off I felt a chill or worry. I do like hearing happy horny reactions. Looking back I now like that all my husband's friends and brothers have seen them but I can't say I felt that way at the time I learned of it. My only time I loved finding out was when I was babysitting for my brother in law. I got to snooping and found his and his wife's private porn collection. I saw them, but then I saw that they had a LOT of mine and my husband's porn too. I was shocked but could only laugh as turn about was fair play.

    • My husband once pushed me out on a hotel balcony naked. He was fingering me bent over the hand rail when he told me to look up at the two men that were watching sitting on their balcony acros from us He knows I like exposing myself to strangers and kept telling to spread my legs. I felt so embarrassed and bare, but so turned on about getting mastubate it was hard not to reach orgasm. He kept telling we were leaving the next day, so I kept cuming and putting on a show for them and loved it.

    • Have u got Snapchat would love to see ur sweet pussy

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    • Samsmith123@yahoo.com

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    • When I met my wife are used to take her to a quiet little place and make my love to her outside under these trees and one time I heard a noise and when I looked over and that was two men stand in there watching me fuck my wife on her hands and knees I told her that she’s being watched and she said well let them say everything And I step back and she reached to spread the cheeks of her ass to show these to strangers what my beautiful wife pussy look like

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    • My wife has no shame when it comes to her tits. She says if you got them show them . She haabig round tits . She will wear a loose low cut tops the kind that shows almost all of her tits. If you look down on her you can even see her belly. With no bra they shake and bounce just right when she's walking. She has nippels almost the size of my thumb. She sunbaths naked so she has no tan lines. Her nippels are nice and dark.

    • I'd love to see your nude wife. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

    • Would love to see her photos...

    • Irwsg48@gmail.com
      I really want to see her tits

    • Maybe I will send them...

    • I love it when others guys check out my wife. She also has big tits. They're only C cups, but she's only 5' 3" and a 110 lbs. So her C size tits look big on her. I love it when she wears low cut shirts or dresses and no bra or panties. She doesn't do it often, but when we're on vacation and drinking, she'll get a little frisky and start doing shit like wear a thin white bikini in the pool.

      We had a guy ask if we were into swinging one time when we were in Hawaii. He told me I was luckiest man alive and he would give anything to have sex with my wife, even a thousand dollars. I thought it was hot and wanted to watch him fuck her, but she said no way in hell.

    • Wife and I had a swinger couple ask us if we would be interested one time when we was in Florida. We were in the resort hot tub one night around 3am when this older couple came in. They looked to be in their 40's, but still nice looking. Long story short, they told us they were swingers and wanted to know if we were interested. Wife and I agreed to play a little bit with them, so the ladies switched seats. Me and the other guy sat on the edge of the hot tub facing eachother while the ladies turned their backs to eachother and proceeded to give is blowjobs. I could see my wife's back as she sucked his cock. For some reason, my wife stopped and turned around to see this other woman sucking my cock, and that was it. My wife put a stop to the whole thing.

    • My wife and I was on vacation we were at hotel bar and my wife started getting really drunk when she sat down I told her to spread her legs and poor her panties to one side to show it was OK at the next table pussy she looked at me and laughed she then left it up off the seat and Pulled them off and the guy just stared at my wife’s beautiful pussy

    • Would love to see ur wife’s pussy samsmith123@yahoo.com

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