Cumming in moms thongs

I'm 14 and for the past 2 months ive been stealing my mom's dvirty thongs from her laundry basket, filling them up with cum, then putting them back in the basket. The crotch of her thongs is always covered with her dried juice, and i smell it and lick it while i masturbate. her pussy smells so fucking good, its like all sweet and flowery, my dick instantly gets rock hard when i smell it. when im done ejaculating the crotch of her thong is completly full of semen and i always have to rush it back to the basket so it doesnt spill anywhere. im horny 24/7 and i jack off like at least 4 times a day; if i dont jack off for a couple hours my balls get so big and feel so full and my dick starts constantly dripping until i shoot a big thick load. my mom has never mentioned or asked me about her thongs even though im cumming in them at least once a day. i dont even care if she catches me, honestly i want to get caught by her i have no idea what she'll do. i wanna save my cum up for like 2 days then i want her to walk in my room right as im ejaculating. my loads are normally big, like 6 or 7 big thick ropes of cum, but if i save it up I can ejaculate for like 30 seconds straight and shoot like 15 or more huge squirts. i would look her right in thr eyes and flex my ass and grunt right before each squirt, which makes it shoot up in the air like 3 feet. no idea what shed do but i want her to watch it so bad. even if she gets super mad i dont care because i know shes seen it and might think about it again. ive also filled my 16 year old sister's g-strings with cum a couple times but her pussy doesnt smell near as good as my moms. i have one of moms tinyest thongs on my desk right now and as soon as im done writing this im empty my big balls in it. thats it, peace. -Zack W

3 months ago

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    • Next time try ur aunts dirty panties they are the best! The most amazing pussy smell ever!

    • Shut up shit eater!

    • I agree aunts are the best

    • Do you ever sniff the part of the thong that’s buried up her asshole? That’s what I would do. I’d beat my cock hard while I sniffed that beautiful ass aroma

    • That’s the best part!

    • I love that part especially on my aunts panties it’s so gooooood

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