I feel like such a slut

I love sex, I love stranger sex even more and have been with several men over the past few years. I answer crazy ads that they post looking for lonely women or anyone that will have sex with them. Quite a few of them have been very surprised when I actually show up.
My last one was in March, went over to this sixty something mans house, his eyes were wide as hell when he opened the door and saw me standing there with a smile on my face. I walked inside and was pleasantly surprised at how clean his house looked and he treated me with total respect. We talked for a few minutes in his kitchen after he got me a water then I just started walking towards his living room and he followed me. I set it down and turned towards him then kneeled down in front of him and began undoing his pants. He said more than once how incredible this was and let out a huge gasp when I started sucking on him. I did it hard and fast until he came with like six OMG's coming out of his mouth, I stood up when he finished having an orgasm and told him hopefully you can get me to say the same thing.
We went back to a bedroom where he took off my clothes and gave me a pretty great orgasm, I even told him I love my ass licked and he did it. I was coming down off of my orgasm and asked him if he was hard again yet, he laughed and told me no not at all. I told him to bring it up here and I will get it hard, he looked surprised and happy as he began straddling my chest and I started sucking on him again. When he got hard I told him to put that beast into me, not really a beast but not bad sized either.
He was worn out after several minutes of doing at it so I told him to lay down and let me on top for a bit. He looked up at me as I settled down onto him and had a look of complete pleasure on his face as his hands went up to my breasts.
I think I bruised his thighs and chest as I dug into him grinding away on his cock, I lifted myself up onto my feet and began slamming myself down onto him then slowed back down and rubbed myself until I had another orgasm.
He just kept telling me how beautiful I was and played with my nipples more until I finally fell down on him worn out myself.
I have not gone back there yet but do plan on it soon, he was a lot of fun.

3 months ago

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    • My wife loves getting fucked by strangers any time she travels without me or when I'm away, and I LOVE how wild she is when she tells me about it later. Our best sex is always after she's fucked someone else.

    • I got mad at my husband as well. He was suppose to take the boys on a weekend trip to an indoor water park, but couldn’t go so I had to take them. We had a nice suite with 3 bedrooms and a kitchen. It was about 2am I had a shower in my room, after the shower I came out in my rob unaware that 2 of the boys were still awake, my 2 sons were asleep already, I could tell they were staring me down, I sat and we spoke, more like flirting. The final straw was when they told me how much fun they’re having with me instead of my husband, I asked if they had condoms, of course they didn’t, but into my bedroom where I took both of them. Then we showered again. I went to bed and so did they. The next morning we were texting back and fourth, they both wanted me one on one. I made excuses to run to the store at night taking only one of them, some road head and we fucked in the Walmart parking lot, since I had to return there twice. And then that night one on one again in the bed. They asked for pics but I denied them of that. But they kept a pair of panties each. And asked when was the next time? It only happened just a few more times after that, usually when my husband pisses me off

    • I thought I was not into sex with any stranger until I tried it out of spite. I was mad at my husband as he put his foot down in a situation and I was 'wrong' even though I was right. I went to go for a long walk at the park near us to cool off. I didn't get very far when a man I walked by said something. I snapped at him and he replied that it wasn't him that I was mad at but it could be him I get revenge with. I looked at him like he wasn't making sense. He said he was willing if I wanted some revenge sex to get back at my man. I hesitated then asked if he had a condom. He promptly showed me one. I asked where and he said his place was right near here or we could just hit the bushes. I said lets go to his place before I lose my nerve. The sex wasn't great but knowing I got back at my husband felt like it was worth it.

    • My wife does the same thing. She will go out and fuck a strange guy .over the years I don't know how many guys she has fucked. I don't know if that makes her a slut or not. She told me that she likes the experience of being with a new guy. Something about a one night stand turns her on. She's says that she is not trying to hurt me it's just sex. I've learned to live with it and it really doesn't bother me. As long as I know she's safe and not getting hurt. She always comes home to me.

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