Women are all sluts

Women all cheat if they find a guy with a bigger cock,My wife is a solid 10+, when we got married she said all men under 8in should be cheated on, and all women hate small dicks. Since I'm only 7in I knew we would have an open marriage, I let her screw any guy she wants, as long as she tells me about the entire fuck session and sits on my face when she gets home. We have 2 kids and she said its doubtful either one is mine. She said there was no way she would let a small cock impregnate her in case it was a boy she did not want to bring another small cock into this world, there are too many already. Too bad for her as soon as I'm done sucking the sperm out of her I get on top and rape her anyway, so the kids (both girls) might be mine after all. She makes fun of my small dick and I call her a sperm receptacle and a whore. They is nothing hotter then raping your own wife.

18 days ago


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    • Maybe she right maybe not but they all cheat. When she was my girlfriend she cheated we split up but hooked up later and got married. Well it always stick in my head what she did so every chance I got I cheated bareback. I suspect she cheated about 3 times in are marriage but I have slept with 60 women barback and still counting all with my 6.5 inch packer. Now nobody even looks at my wife yeah she was hot back in the days now no .

    • P.s she even made fun of it a few time in heated arguing. Then I would go out and barback never any complaints

    • Sounds like she should be raped by 50 negroes

    • Lilly is pretty and sweet, loves to bake and shares her bounty. Her husband is a lucky guy. Today she went to church, and gave me a blowjob. Loves to bake and suck dick.

    • If only womanhood hadn’t been ruined, and there were still more women like that around today

    • I have larger than average cock. I hear your are the biggest cock I ever had. I have had a lot of pussy in 61 years. Eat your heart out master baiters

    • 61 years old and can't spell masturbators! Wow is all that comes to mind!

    • Piss off you rude prick

    • Don't change the fact women are all sluts

    • Does, areshole

    • Haw haw at least I’m not a dumb slut

    • Your worse you silly prick

    • I'm worse what? Or do you mean "you're"? Learn to spell you dumb slut

    • Watch some Popeye cartoons

    • That Olive Oyl gives me mad wood. She a fuckin slut givin it up to Bluetooth and Popeye and even Wimpy

    • Bluetooth dafuq

    • Bluto you asshole

    • I have fat 7.5 incher -- I get more complements in the locker than from women.
      "don't let my wife see that sucker" kibitzed one guy. Yes that is weird, what the fuck do you say? The XXl condoms barely fit, although them seem to be a football field long. I should cut off the unused parts and sell them to a butcher. One girl would proper herself up on her shoulders to get the a direct angle into her pussy, the only way it would go in. I had a fling with a married lady who's husband said "I have a pocket like and old catcher's mitt"
      Perfect fit. We fucked like porn stars. She's still an occasional FWB.

    • What locker room you going to? Is it the White Swallow Spa? Fag!

    • You just wish someone would shove his cock in your crusty canyon cunt

    • Stick with your fake tenant, landlord bull shit asshole!

    • Everything I write is true; everything you write is putrid flatulence from your pus-dribbling disused yeast-wound

    • Well! That sentence is not true at all ass wipe!

    • Perhaps you didn't read what I wrote. I want you to turn off any distractions in the room: radio, tv, etc. Clean up around your computer area and make certain your computer monitor is clean and the brightness is up. Now, clean your glasses and put them on. Now read this very carefully three times and fully understand what I am saying to you: Everything I write is true; everything you write is putrid flatulence from your pus-dribbling disused yeast-wound. Ok? Good.

    • Anyone of you sick fucks would in a heartbeat! Hell one sick fucks said he would fuck a dog!

    • You’re a dog and nobody wants to fuck you!

    • Keep your stupid guess's coming I enjoy what retarded morons like you say! It is all fake bull shit!

    • What are guess's? Were you born retarded or were you dropped on your head after being born? Still doesn't change the fact that no-one has ever or will ever love you, but you might actually engage in coitus were you thrown into a prison full of gang rapist psychopaths...maybe.

    • Im a black man who dress up like Hitler outfit an fuck a dog

    • 7 inches is above the average dick size.

    • Suck your f****** cock and swallow your c**

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