She admitted that two boys had fucked her

I have always been jealous of my wife’s sexual past.
We have been together for over 40 years.
Problem is that during arguments when I have gone on about who had fucked her, she has changed her answers.
One time she has said I had sex with certain guys, then say she says she didn’t.
I know she had several lovers before me.
A few months ago we were clearing out some old stuff, when I found an old photo of her back on the early 70s in her lounge surrounded by a group of about 7 teenagers.
They all had drinks and my now wife was sitting on the couch in the middle, one teenager had his arm around her waist.
She grabbed the photo off me and tore it up.
When I asked about it she said it was when she had separated from first husband,a few local boys used to come round… it was company as she was lonely after hubby had left.
She said nothing happened, they were too young for her anyway.
She did say that a couple had stayed over, but stayed on the couch.
I didn’t believe her and kept on until she finally admitted that she had sex with two of them.
She swears that it was only the two.
And said it was before me anyway. I don’t know if it was only two or if anymore of the boys fucked her as well.
She was 25 and I was 20 when we met.
She said sex with the two ( not as a threesome ) happened when she was 23.
Should I be worried that she is lying about only two fucked her?

3 months ago

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    • In my country we take such women outside the gates of the city and stone them to death

      I would recommend this

    • Were you a virgin when you two got married sir? If not, why are you judging your wife and giving yourself a free pass? Why not make your lives even more miserable (yes, that's what you're doing by focusing on who she had sex with before you when you've already married her) by being upset with yourself as well as with your wife? The time to ask her to tell you the truth about how many men she slept with was before you married her, not after as it's too late then buddy. Just put it out of your head and move on to fixing the fence, or having a pool installed in your backyard. Buy her some flowers once in a while too. Get something else to focus on, OK? Iamabeautifulsexywoman

    • After 40 years? Who the Hell cares?

    • Amen to that!
      This guy is obsessed about who slept with his "wife" before he was with her. The stupid stories of how many and who slept with the wife is obnoxious!
      Who cares is right!
      He should be glad there is a woman who stooped to his level and married him!

    • Fuck off

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