Sniffing my aunts dirty panties

It all started when I was 15 and very horny staying over at my aunts house and needed something to give me a hard on so I started looking for a bra but came over something much much better it was a hamper full of her dirty sticky panties. They was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever found they was all dirty and sticky so I started to sniff it out it against my nose and oh my god it gave me a hard on straight away it smelt so good and I started licking the stains on it it was delicious! Just imagine that this is what my aunts pussy tastes like. Now I’m addicted to sniffing panties especially hers.

I haven’t been over in a year but I really want to go over and steal one of those panties so I can just have her smell. I would go into her room while she was sleeping and snuggle up next to her and push my cock onto her and I could see her sexy pink thong and then she would go shower and I would go in straight after looking for those panties.

I have also sniffed one of my cousin sisters panties she’s a few years older than me and she has the biggest ass I’ve seen I just wanna push my face into and never leave and her pussy smell was delicious she had a lot of stains on it and I cleaned it off.

Any tips on how I can get my aunt to have sex with me I would appreciate it.

4 months ago


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    • When I get hold of a pair of panties freshly left at the hamper, I take them to sniff good and suck on the gusset and stroke my cock. As soon as I cum, I collect it on the panties leave behind for the owner!!

    • Im 52 and married over 30years when i 1st dated my wife i was late teens her mother wasnt bad lookinging woman very busty . when i usd the bathroom her underwear used to be hangig drying id feel it and sniff it later that night id play thinking of her . this went on .istole pair took them home then i got gold .ones tat were for te wash . wow like heaven . i still have a pair and often play when no ones home .if wife knew id be dead

    • I can guess ... mmmmm and masturbate on them!!

    • Of course! That’s the best part

    • Go to your aunt's house; and when she's in the shower, bathroom all steamy, walk in gripping your Donkey and start washing her. Before she can react and make a moral decision, as her eyes react to your brick, penetrate her with your curled fingers and tug on her G. Pull on her G like she's your school sweetheart in the woods behind the gym. Suck and bite her nipples until you make her squirt in your palm. Taste her mature creaminess. Then kneel behind her and tongue her butthole until she submits to you. Amid her guttural moans and squirming, act like you're stopping. Let her, make her, beg you to please keep eating her tiny tender anus. Lay back and order her to look in your eyes as she sucks you. Go take a nap and tell her to wake you in a couple hours. Watch what happens!

    • Fuckkk that’s so hot 🥵🥵

    • I would love to be behind her and start fingering her sweet pussy and hearing her moan.I would love to suck on her nipples she has the biggest tits I’ve ever seen.what I would do to just stick my big cock in her tight pussy I would love to stick my tongue in her asshole ohh get that sweet arouma I’m so hard I really wanna fuck her 😩

    • Filthy arsehole

    • Fuck off you jealous cunt

    • Were there any skid marks to sniff? If there were and you didn’t smell them you missed out on getting a huge boner. The asshole smell is just as good as the pussy stains. Cotton or silky are the best for rubbing on your cock or inhaling that delicious aroma.

    • If you got any stories I would love to hear it!

    • Oh yes there was plenty I licked them clean. She has the most amazing ass I wanna eat it just thinking about it now making me hard!

    • So, so, so true!!!

    • Have you sniffed ur aunts panties if so tell me about it!

    • Your "aunties panties"?

    • Yes my aunties wat can I say her pussy is the best!

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