Cock-slapping Irene Rose Wee

I fantasize about grabbing this mature Asian Chinese lady from church Irene Rose Wee and just slapping her face with my hard cock while she knelt in front of me and her repeatedly saying “oh yes I love it, slap my face with your hard cock, I am a dirty horny bitch”

22 days ago


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    • Happy 69th birthday Irene. Wish I was fucking your ass

      I want to fuck you Irene. Send me your pics

    • This is Irene Rose Wee. I want your cock, darling. I want to suck your hard cock. Fuck my asshole after that.

    • This is Irene Rose Wee. I still waiting for my cock slap! Oh yes I love it! Slap my face with your hard cock! I am a dirty horny bitch!

    • I’m cumming Irene talk dirty to me

    • You give big dick now! You srap with dick in face! Make hard cock give bruise all over me! Now shove down troat! Stick it down my trmmmh hhmmr urghhh mmmrghh mrrghh mrunngghh

    • Irene speaks better English

    • Dude, my insurance lady is a little Mexican honey named Irene. I would fuck the shit out a her little honey pot.

    • I would love for you to an watch that

    • Fuck the shit outta her literally? So if there's shit all over your dick would she suck it off? And I mean are we talking home, life, car insurance?

    • Just the other day we were talking about the difference between whole life and term life insurance, while I pictured her being skull-fucked by my ass-raping shit-covered man-meat. She saw my boner and probably blushed, it's hard to tell when they're Mexican.

    • She fantasize about it too! You be a good boy and go do it! You grab now!

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