I fucked my HS gf, sort of, but dead

I’m an embalmer at a big metropolitan funeral home but went back to help out at my parents’ funeral home when my mom got sick. Long story short, there was a girl I dated in high school, who broke my heart. We were supposed to be each other’s first time but she led me on, and went for some football doofus. Anyway, fast forward to now twenty years later, and her daughter, spitting image of her when we were in school twenty years ago, dies in a drowning accident. Her body comes to the funeral home and I assured her, the mom, that my mother would be in charge. But my mother was dying of alcoholism at the time and I was left alone with this untouched teen girl. I had my way with her for two days, fucking her in every way imaginable. It was just like I was back in high school! Moaning her mom’s name as loud as I wanted. It was like a cathartic release, thank god. At the end though I started to love her body for who she was, and started to say her name. That girl went to the grave with so much cum in her. It was a beautiful service.

2 months ago

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    • I was just accepted into the embalming sciences program at the local community college so I could go into your work and do what you do. If you know what I mean.

    • That's one of the sickest, most disturbing things I have ever read. Get another job dude.

    • Omg I agree. I can't believe I just jacked off to that

    • Aw I thought it was prett romantic

    • How is having sex with a corpse romantic? Romantic is taking a woman on a date at a restaurant, then covering the bed and her naked body in rose petals and she actually has an orgasm and you can hear it, feel her warm body, and she's responsive to your kisses, touch, etc.

    • Don't knock it till you rock it. Lmfao. Sick motherfuckers.

    • Must be related to Jeffery Dahmer! Do you cook them and eat them too?

    • Reginald Oates, a black man from Baltimore, beat and raped little boys, murdered them, raped their copses, then cut them up and walked around with their genitals in his pockets. This guy is not that guy.

    • Sounds romantic! Taking a woman on a date in the cemetery, covering her cool blue body in dead roses, having and orgasm in her still lifeless body, the ravens above can hear it, and she's unresponsive to your kisses, touch, etc

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