Wet Panties

Since my puberty I was always interested in girls used panties – any girls teen to mature ones. The sight of my current 19 year gf’s tiny little panties with a soft gusset and beautiful smell, would lead me pumping my hard throbbing cock in seconds. Yes, by this time I met my first gf, Liz. Once discovered my fetish she would allow me to lick her crotch area through her panties until she orgasmed, then she would take them off and slowly impale herself on my hard cock whilst teasing me by holding the gusset of her soaking wet panties just above my nose. Just before she climaxed, she would press them onto my nose and mouth so that I can taste and smell her as I unload violently inside her. On other occasions she would masturbate in her panties and put them into my travel bag when I go away on business. There is nothing better than opening my bag at the hotel to find a still damp pair of panties in a little plastic bag!
At home Liz would get naked and slowly pulled down her panties. And I would always find a wet smelly pussy covered in wet panties. She would place them on my nose and rubbed them over my lips. This was unbelievable, and I was in heaven. They were soaking wet and smelled divine – I almost came as soon as she put them to my nose, but I managed to control myself. Then she would straddle me on and begin to move her butt towards my face until she stopped over my lips.
I could smell her excitement and see the moisture on her shaven pussy lips. She slowly moved forward and pushed her soaking pussy onto my lips and nose; my tongue immediately licked up her lips and flicked her clit. OMG – she would moan…. !
I would continue to lick and suck her for a few minutes, bringing her almost to orgasm when she ejects few shots of pees, and wanted me into her… She would scoot backwards down my body and impaled herself wet-warm pussy on my throbbing cock. She now found her panties again and pressed them to my nose. I knew I wasn’t going to last long.
Liz would forcing herself down onto my cock before pulling all the way up to the top, before pushing all the way down again. She loved to do it so slowly but with force, it felt like I was being vacuum pumped. She leaned forward and kissed me through her panties which just served to push them further onto my nose.
She would ask me to ejaculate inside her and go into convulsions as I started to pump gallons of hot cum deep inside her. She would lean forward again and lay on me, kissing me with my cock still embedded into her.

3 months ago

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    • My lady-friend has exquisitely sitcky panties, from which I make an exquisite tea

    • Is it exquisite

    • Did you ever sniff the part of her panties where her asshole is? That smell of ass will make you rock hard and your cum will shoot from your cock like a geyser . And by all means you both should be licking each other’s asshole’s. When you feel her wet slippery tongue sliding up and down your crack I’ll bet your cock head will turn purple and start to leak pre cum. I’d live with my tongue and nose buried up her ass the smell alone will make you want to fuck her tiny little butthole . Use those drenched panties to jerkoff with , one pair under your nose and another pair rubbing your. If cock and balls.

    • Ass? not yet done... Tell me more about it!

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