Why do som women fuck so easily

Why do some women let guys get between their legs so easily?
Before I got married, some girls/ women would only let me touch their tits and no more.
But my wife to be let me fuck her( and spunk her) on the second date.
Later our marriage she admitted that she had been fucked a lot before me.
Why did she fuck so quickly when others wouldn’t ?

2 months ago


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    • Women are all whores. It just takes the right man to be a man and bring out their inner whore.

    • Woman are like guys, just enjoy being fucked

    • I met my hot wife at park where we both took lunch hour walks. During our second walk together she gave me a blowjob in the woods. About 3x a week, walk and blowjob. She said she loves doing them for nice guys and it motivates both of to do the walk. She has a boyfriend (Bob) that she adores. He looks like young Paul Newman and has a porn star penis. She gives him 3 or 4 BJs a day. She used to hate giving them till she sucked off Bob. The good news: Bob got so spoiled with her BJs he couldn't get hard enough to fuck. And I knock her up. She had a beach ball belly showing on her short white wedding dress - her big tits were now huge. She says she had 8 partners total, 5 in college. Maybe 3 or 4 bj only (including her 45 year old "drop dead hot" married boss) -- at college PT job.
      College coeds are going to put whores out of business.

    • Women are attracted to men and want to have sex with men as it's a close bond, it's a way of showing and sharing love, and if a man is good at making me cum via my clit or while he has sex with me; it's such a great feeling when my vagina contracts around his penis. Also the more beautiful of a woman you are the more pressure men put on us to have sex with them and there's only so much we can do to withstand the pressure. Some men are so relentless in their pursuit and if they're good looking, successful, kind, intelligent, take us to dinner, give us nice gifts, bring us flowers- all that is seductive to a woman. Men can be very manipulative and tell us what we want to hear to get us into their bed. My last boyfriend was so cunningly persuasive, plus he was gorgeous with a body to die for that the attraction is too much to withstand and I gave in on our second date. The boyfriend I'm with now I gave in on the 3rd date. Your wife might be a people pleaser, so she submits to get approval and also she has a problem with holding a firm boundary. She also thinks she needs to give in to a man in order to land and keep the man as we all know men love sex. It seems to me men are mainly focused on job success, achievement, getting respect, admiration, appreciation and being a protector to their woman and in the end it's all driven to have sex with that woman they love.

    • This sums my wife up… she certainly let guys her

      Your wife might be a people pleaser, so she submits to get approval and also she has a problem with holding a firm boundary. She also thinks she needs to give in to a man in order to land and keep the man as we all know men love sex.

    • Thanks for this

    • The hottest thing in the world is to impregnate a married women.

    • They are all whores, its as simple as that !

    • Some women I think don’t look at sex as bond or even a connection. It’s just something to do. My wife now I think thought that way. Her and her husband separated. Because she was cheating. She had lost a lot of weight and guys noticed her. She had only been with 2 guys the second her husband. She liked being with different guys and knowing guys wanted her made her want sex more. She started dating guys from match not knowing them and having sex that night. She liked how guys fucked her in different ways and how they felt inside her. I was one of the guys she was fucking. I knew about her videos and just wanted to fuck her. I found out later how she was seeing other guys. She eventually stopped. I think it was a phase for her. She married young and never had a sex life. She had 10 years to catch up on. And she is very sexual.

    • Some women love to fuck, I have friend that does. She had two guys last weekend. I can fuck her any time I can get away from my wife

    • Some women just enjoy sex.

    • Well my wife certainly must have to allow all previous guys to get between her thighs

    • How many guys fucked her

    • Almost all of them do it for good looking guys, celebrities, ball players, their girlfriend's ex, trusted guys they know a long time -- like at a HS reunion.
      Tall women will fucks guys taller than them.
      Sometimes we just get lucky. My senior year I met a freshman majorette (didn't known she was one) in the cafeteria, I saw couple other guys approach her , get rejected, -- she was disappointed only vending machine crap was available. It was the day before classes started. I'm tall and handsome (if I must say) -- I took her in town to a diner. We were hitting it off and I took her parking. She gave me a blowjob. I fuck her everyday at my frat, some days I get a lunchtime blowjob. First football game, 90,000 people, -- halftime I see her strutting her ass in a sparkling swimsuit twirling her baton. She later confines she wanted One good looking senior fuck buddy, who would occasionally take her out. She new guys would line up to fuck her -- I doubled as her shield. She just enjoyed lots of sex, but from one guy.

    • My wife second date fingers banging then fucking sucking cock my cock al unprotected sex. In the last 20 years I slept with about 50 /60 women all one night stand all unprotected sex. Most where single mothers . The last one just thru it out there you can cum in me my tubes are tied. A lot has to do with selfesteam. Some of these women but on a show in front of there family and friends like there mother Teresa. But In reality there just hoes cum dumpsters

    • Dames is screwy.

    • Low self esteem?

    • This is an interesting question.

      When I met my ex wife she made me wait too long. (Red Flag) She had been fucked many times by several guys (I didn’t know this then).

      After we separated I asked her and told her how resentful I was when I found out about all the other guys she let in so easily. Her answer was that she liked me. Yes, I can understand why someone might not want to spread their legs or open their mouth and look easy. However, when the knowledge is out there that she didn’t make others wait and that information eventually reaches you it can hurt. I get it I do. However, I don’t think many women understand that if they don’t tell you they want to wait because they might be into you and don’t want to develop deeper emotions until they are sure the feeling is mutual the woman can really mess up the relationship long term.

      I’ve had many women who I’ve had sex with date one and a few that took longer. One that took much longer that I married and eventually divorced.

    • Why do you think she made you wait so long to fuck her when others had already between her legs?

    • No idea but I’ll monitor this post in case someone has good information.

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