Becoming a BBC Nigga's white fuck bitch

I'm a 65 year, newly divorced white woman, that is now a bbc nigga's bitch with a once wealthy happy husband and family. Sure, my sex life had become something less than when we were younger, but I still would get a pussy itch that my aging hubby just couldn't satisfy. Like all the ladies I run about with. One day out of the blue, we decided for some fun we'd take in an XXX theater with both film and live performances, strippers, male and female. After a few movies, all interracial black men fucking white women, a couple magnificant black strippers my pussy was craving cock. I stuffed some dollars down their g-string, got a quick look, and feel and just couldn't believe the size of their cocks. My mind was set on getting fucked so when we broke upon leaving I merely drove around the huge parking lot and returned. I seem to be in a fever, hot to be fucked. As I reentered one of the strippers was leaving and bumped in to me. After a sexy exchange, he said come on baby, I'll take care of that white pussy. Thank goodness, my husband was away on a work business trip, because I finally struggled home the next day near noon time. This white woman, was now a confirmed lover of bbc ..... he did things I had never thought much about. That dude fucked my mouth, my pussy, my ass more times than I could remember, and sucked and made me swallow several loads of black cum, despite all the cum he deposited in my pussy and ass, and a condom was never mentioned. Hell yes! it hurt in the beginning...I screamed, begged, cried much to no avail, as he busted my holes wide open. I now know what a big cock is .... forget 7-8 inches, this dude had 10+, uncut, with foreskin a couples inches. He told me he was probably 11 with almost virgin pussy like mine. I cum, and cum, orgasm after orgasm and despite the hurt, sex was amazing. I was sore for almost a week, until he called me and melted my willpower instantly for another get together. So now, I'm his white nigga bitch. And bbc dudes are so damn dominant. I was a slow learning white bitch and sometimes he wanted pussy instantly, and I jumped away when he tried to warning, and the next time he blistered my white little ass good. So when he does, says I don't hesitate. It the past 8 months, I've went from an old hairy white bitch, to baby smooth. Left my husband, and two days later my ass was tattoed, my pussy had a ring in it, as well as one nipple. I was about 5'6", he's 6'6", slender, but muscular. I was a nice 34, but now with the boob job sport 40's. He's 38, always horny, and has the staying power for sessions over an hour, and 2-3 cums. Fortunately, he has a good job, good pay and except for a few ass whippings or getting my ass smacked, a pretty good nigga. My attire for around the house is simply crotchless sexy panties, knee high nylongs and high heels. So I can say, I'm well experienced and I doubt if there's a way left that he hasn't fucked me, position, back of the couch, on the stairs, in public places [not got caught yet] and at truck stops, rest areas ......his truck or car. And yes, he's took me to the bedroom when we have some of his friends over, and fucked me rough, deep, so they could hear. Don't have any of my old fucking with a black guy, but damn I love his big cock and he knows how to really please my pussy. I'm still having somewhat of a period, and when he thinks I might be fertile, he's in me all the time .... he so wants to knock my white pussy up. I his for ever, just can't imagine another man giving me what he can and has. You white gals, give a bbc nigga a chance to make that pussy will hurt like hell at first, but mmmmmmmmm pleasure abounds. Once his bbc has been in your pussy, its his .... and only black dick will calm its itch.

4 months ago

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    • Spade forever cunt

    • Sounds like a wigger

    • Christ. You are one scalding hot mama.

    • Your ass failed English and Composition. Use fucking paragraphs.

    • No need to use the n-word. Not cool.

    • BBC does matter in good fucking. In my mid-40s, a white widow for more than 5 years and without sex for a year I met this black man aged 30. Now we fuck almost everyday. He has a 9" thick cock and my pussy gets ready, hot and throbbing with engorged lips just watching him undress. He knows how to plow a pussy, thrash and thrash and rip open it to make it almost pulp with deep and longer fucks in missionary position. OMG! he goes on like this for nearly half an hour giving me multiple orgasm. But he is yet to come and I ride his cock taking over his cock and feel the sweet pain hitting on my cervix as he massages and suck on my ample boobs. I grind my clit against the base of his cock, the pussy lips stroking his ball sack all the while. We come almost simultaneously within next half an hour squirting some pees on his cock. I lay on his chest half drowsy feeling his cock going soft slowly ... what a bliss with a BBC.

    • Was you allways this dirty? I think I love you.

    • My widowed mother in law stay with us since last coup my mother in law come to my bedroom and touch and massage my genitals so long that I don't cum out; and then apparently let me just stripped. I was not slepping though; she usually atripped me and massaging my big thick cock. As I was awake, I noticed that she was completely undressed and was just in her lace thong panty. Seeing me awake, she came over me and huided my both hands towards her big boom ass....made untied her panty laces through my hands.......
      Oh holy shit....she was damn hot and wet....I just poked my middle finger into her ass..and she started moaning.....she then stood and came right towards my mouth with her clean shaved pussy......I started licking though my toungs in and out with my finger inside her ass...........
      She then started massaging my thick hairy cock.
      Oh tight her pussy wet, fluidy and hot........
      I banged her pissy with all sort of dirty words towards each other.....
      Finally when I was about to cum, I whiapered into her ears where to leave my stream of sperms.....out of gust she wanted to cum inside her wet pussy as she hadn't for years....but then momentarily whispered to take her ass instead......
      I did so....when I was about to cum...I took my cock out of her pussy and thumped her big ass to cum the whole lot pie inside her ass....she grunted and screamed....screamed due to length and girth of my cock....and then moaned.....
      I laid on her back with my cock insider her ass for quite long with hesitation to face her off.....she then whispered to take the cock out....and came over me again....we kissed each hold to each other....she stared at my big cock...touched....kissed....we slept stripped condition

    • You really gotta get your tongue up in that ass!!!

    • Dear,
      Even my mother in law pop out in front of me with thongs on after batheand very often completely nude while changing. She comes close close to me without her panty and robe open out. Does she wants to have sex with me ?

    • Probably she is fond of you and completely in your love. Rather give it a similar shot. Atleast for her genuine love ans requirement.

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