Ex Wife was NEVER Sexual with me now she’s a SLUT

My now ex wife was 21 when we first start dating and I was 25.

Our relationship was strained often. Up front she told me of her religious beliefs and wanted to take things slow sexually. We dated for a couple of months and we never did anything. Then she disappeared for a couple of months. No way to find her if I wanted to as this was before email, mobile phones and social media. She was fun but the no sex thing was beginning to get old. I received a card at the end of the two months asking if we can go out again. Like I said she was fun so I said sure. Within a month we were having sex. Not great sex but sex. Maybe 6 months in I learned she had a long term HS bf from her ages 15 to 20 and his 17 to 22. It didn’t sound great but she wouldn’t talk about it. Sex got a bit better but was still very vanilla. I attempted to talk to her and try new things but she was not up for it. Eventually we got engaged. Some point after that I asked for a blowjob. She said she isn’t into those but after we get married. OK! Wedding arrives and everything goes quite will. The honeymoon is strange. She didn’t want to have sex the first couple of nights. Back home we settle into life. I ask about the blowjob and she has no idea what I’m talking about. An argument ensures and we spend a week hardly talking. A couple of months later that has died down without a blowjob. Then an avalanche of information comes in about her ex. They were very sexual. Like VERY FUCKING SEXUAL AND VERY ACTIVE!!! Daily breakfast fucking before school, lunchtime blowjobs in the parking lot (yes blowjobs) and the occasional fuck in the boys locker room during the day. The phrase training her to take his cock comes up a few times in reference to oral and anal. He is a black guy, 6’11”, basketball player in Europe and he has a very big dick. Yep! How big not sure but judging from the reactions pretty fucking big. We argue for weeks. I told her she lied to me and she said she didn’t lie she just didn’t tell me. WTF?! There is no sex happening at all. There is nothing going on at all. I’m out of the house from 6A to 11P daily. I don’t want to be anywhere near her. Eventually the anger dies down and we are back into our life after a few months. Then a year later I almost did myself in. Shopping for shoes for my wonderful wife. The sales guy after a minute says to my wife with me standing right there “Don’t I know you?” My wife has a not quite blank stare then he says “Yeah a couple maybe three years ago. We met at (insert bar name) and you came home with me and my roommate. That was a great night. Still the best blowjob I’ve ever received. (Yes I’m still standing there) whoever taught you to suck dick needs a beer bought for him.” My wife turns and walks past me towards the exit. So now it’s just me and another guy who’s dick my wife sucked. I tell him he’s an asshole and walk away. I catch up with her and we make it to the car. She doesn’t say a word and neither do I. Home she gets out and I leave. I don’t come home for three days. When I get there she’s there with her parents and brother. I walk right by them and she follows. She starts in immediately. What is your problem? It’s not my fault he said something. Just get over it. I stare at her trying to figure out is she kidding. Then in walks her dad who wants to pray. Being a respectful idiot I let him. Then I walk back past them with my clothes.

Several miserable and sexually and in generally unsatisfying years later including a few affairs on my part we get divorced. She was actually surprised I told her we were getting a divorce. Sure be surprised. Divorce final and she’s back on the market.

Now I hear she’s on an online dating site, is seeing her ex bf from HS, hooking up with some barista from Starbucks who a mutual friend says fucks a few of the local wives and divorcées around town. She has actually been seeing her ex bf from HS since like a week after we separated. She immediately called him and from what I was told “dropped to her knees upon entering his apartment”. I hear she told my friend’s wife her ex said she still sucks cock like he trained her to.

WTF? Did she think I was the safe pick? She seemed quite sexy adventurous before me, during our “break” and immediately after separating.

3 months ago

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