Horny wife

Husband is generous and open minded. He is serving in the Army. We have been together for a long time in many places of the country. I'm staying back home as husband is posted in Border area. This experience is from a few years ago. That is at the age of PCO. When I go to town, I call my husband from the booth and talk. I'm a little fat. My butts and boobs are a bit larger. The booth operator is around 40-45 years old. I am around 26 of age at that time. I realized that he pays special attention to me because I go there to phone regularly. The phone is kept in a small cabin inside the booth.

One evening I was the only one there. After talking to my husband over telephone and came out of the cabin, I went to the operator's cabin and asked him how much was my call cost. He sitting in a swivel chair opened his fly and showed me his erect penis. I was literally shocked by the flashing. He started jerking his cock lightly with his hand. His erect cock was more than 8 inches long and too thick. Brown in color with a shiny pink head. I was in state of shock and did not know what to do. Just then saw
someone outside coming to the booth. He hid his penis. I just paid him and left the room.When traveling back in the bus, the scene I saw lay in my mind and was turning me upside down. That big brown cock fascinated me. My husband used to tell me that if I get the chance to fuck a good Cock, I should not hesitate. Only condition is that I should describe him the every detail so that he can masturbate and jerk himself. Ever since I saw the booth guy's flashing, I've been too horny. Nice big Cock. It looked like will give a good orgasm. I finally decided to have sex with him. I knew that even if I told my husband, he would not argue.

Then two days later one evening I went to town. Before leaving, I shaved my pussy. As I was feeling too horny I decided not to wear panties that day. I thought it would be possible to do it quickly with him if given the opportunity. At half past five I reached the booth. There were two people to call. I waited for my turn. I smiled when the booth operator looked at me. When I saw his greedy look, I felt more horny. When the other two persons left, I went into the cabin to call my husband. Husband could not talk
much as he was busy at work that day. So it was not able to tell him my plan to fuck the Booth Operator. The front door of the booth was covered with SUN FILM glued glass. Nothing could be seen from outside. The area was less crowded as it was the last shop on the edge of town. When I got into the cabin he had locked the front door from the inside. I did not know this. He was sitting in a chair when I came out of the cabin. When I started to pay, he told me to sit down. I told him someone may come. He told the booth has been locked and no one will come. I just felt some vibration down my waist. He moved the chair towards me and took my hand and placed it on my lap. I could feel his erect Cock throbbing. As I opened his fly the whole thing came out. I realized he too was wearing nothing underneath. Ho, I was in a terrible state.
He started to play with my boobs. It was more exciting. About ten minutes, his thrust increased. I knew he was about to cum and I increased my sucking as well. Suddenly he stood up. I knelt down and sucked. He said "You whore faster'. Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and started to jerk with his hand. I opened my mouth wide to welcome the white cum. Suddenly, the hot, thick cum jerked into my mouth. I caught the whole thing without dropping a single drop. I do not agree with dropping cum outside or on the body. Because all this struggle is to enjoy the pleasure of cumming out of the Cock. Moreover there will be no filth anywhere. sucked and licked the last drop with my tongue. I had knowingly drained him in the blowjob, so that while fucking my pussy he can have more copulation before his second cumming.

He sat back in his chair with an exciting sigh. I was stroking that half-tired Cock as he sat in the chair exhausted from draining the milk. Still his cock was semi erect with good thickness. He hugged me. He put his lips to my mouth and knew the taste of his cum. I hugged him tightly. He went to the door and looked if someone is outside. When he was sure no one was there, he told me to remove my clothes. When I took off the top, he put his hand on my pussy. The whole place was soaking wet because of the
pussy juice. He said, "You whore has come ready to fuck, without wearing panty. When I saw your hairy arms, I knew that you will have more lust”. I said, "I 've been wanting to climb your big brown COCK since I saw it." He said, "Once the cock cums, it will take more time to cum for a second time. I will fuck till your pussy becomes sore ”. I pulled off my bra and pants. He hugged me completely naked. I removed his dresses. He took off his shirt and hugged me and covered me with kisses. He really crushed both my butts. I told him to lick my pussy till I cum. He was happy.He took me to the cabin. He turned me around and kissed me on the neck and squeezed both breasts.
I was overwhelmed with emotion. My nipples became thicker. He squeezed it well. He licked the whole outside and kissed. Pussy juice flowed like a stream. He smirked and came down. Kissing he pulled both of my round butts apart and umm put his tongue in my anus. Then he lifted one of my legs and put it on a stool. He sat down and kissed my pussy cheeks. The flowing pussy honey was sucked. The petals were opened and the fingers was inserted. I lowered my waist to his face. He excitedly licked the petals and cum of my pussy. The pleasure I had not had for a long time made me cringe. Generally my clitoris is slightly longer. My husband had sucked and enlarged it. He licked the it well. There was some sweet vibrations around my waist. I said, "Um, uh." I was about to come. Accordingly, he pulled the clitoris well. My sex juice exploded very strongly. He drank it all.It was then that I saw one of the best of the beauty of his cock completely naked. His body was hairy. But the area around the cock was shaved and clean. What a beauty to see that large erect throbbing cock.

I could not hold back. I took it in my mouth again and licked it well with saliva and saliva. I was eager to put it in my pussy. He understood that. He laid me on the table. I was told to open the pussy. I did just that. My waist was at the edge of the table then. Pussy position just against his crotch. He rubbed the cock a couple of times on my clitoris that stood high on top of my open pussy. Then he grabbed both my hands and started to insert his cock into my pussy. I felt some pain as his cock was thick and my pussy being stretched. He slowly began to push. After some time felt relieved and began to feel better. He pulled out his cock and spit on it and put it back in my pussy. This time it went inside smoothly. I began to see heaven.

He said, "What a tight pussy you whore. I'll fuck you all day. ” I locked his waist with my legs as he went all the way inside. "Hum, fuck me, Daddy Cock." I said in a low voice.
He peered out through the glass of the front door and rubbed my breast increasing the speed of the blow. Outside the booth, people and vehicles can be heard moving. But no one but the two of us knew that we were fucking inside. I thought he was very good at fucking. It was so comfortable. When I was about to cum he pulled his cock out and started to tease me. He started to kiss me. He rubbed my plump pussy and plump thighs well and enjoyed it. He then sucked my clitoris. Once again I knew my orgasm. "Oh, mother fucker you are good for eating pussy, you know," I said happily. He licked all the honey that had dripped from my pussy. Then he laid me down on the table sidewise. His Cock was inside me in no time. He started to move my waist again, holding one hand on my breast and one hand on my shoulder. I asked, "Has the your cock
grown more big?" He said, "I have made it bigger again to make more happy." I was in a paradise of happiness. His Cock was beating at a good speed. At each step, he kept saying, "Hum .. ha .. good pussy .. where have you been all this time . You whore.." I felt his cock head swelling inside my pussy. I told him if you are cumming I will take it in my mouth. He said, "If you say so, I will give you milk wherever you say." He paused and fucked again for a while. Then he pulled the cock out of the pussy and put it in my open mouth. I sucked well. His balls were also massaged. He sighed with pleasure. Then he said, "Get ready, you horny bitch I am about to cum". I nodded. He took the cock out of his mouth and started jerking again with his hand and the hot milk jerked it into my open mouth. I tasted and drank that condensed milk, though a little less than earlier. I licked and wiped his cock well. Then I gave kisses to the cock which was still erect. He pulled me up, hugged me and gave me some kisses.

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    • So your husband is serving our Country and you are cheating on him! You are worse then a whore, may you get raped!

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