Is it important for a man to cum?

I'm female, 45 and divorced for over a year. I joined a local singles club, monthly social meetings etc. After a couple of dates with men where all was OK but nothing further I met my current boyfriend, John. He's 50 and treats me well. The question is about sex and if a man always need to cum. We have good sex, nothing out of the ordinary, but sometimes he doesn't cum. I've offered to finish him by hand but he says it's OK, he enjoyed it.

With previous sex the men have always cum and, when I was married, my husband always came in me or I finished him off, so it's a bit of a surprise that John doesn't seem to mind not cumming sometimes. He says that it's not me and he's always ready for sex so I assume that he's telling the truth. He said that I don't always cum but I told him that it's different for women.

So, original question to men, do you always cum and if not, why not?

4 months ago

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    • No, men like to fuck so whatever keeps that going the better, be glad he doesn't cum.

    • Some men like to please women and it's not about them. I prefer the woman to cum before me even if I don't. I know it makes them feel less like a woman but I try my best to reassure them. If you enjoy sex with him and his attitude hasn't changed about it then I wouldn't bring it up. If you notice behavior change then ask what's wrong.

    • I’m 37 and though I cum every time while having sex, I can definitely see it still feeling good without cumming. Sometimes I stay hard as a rock throughout the whole encounter, sometimes I fluctuate between hard and semi-hard…..but I will always delay cumming for as long as I can because the feeling of arousal is far better than ejaculating. And my wife sometimes wonders why I’m not always hard…..I don’t know why sometimes my penis does what it does but it definitely doesn’t mean the women is any less sexy!

    • My ex wife used to worry if I didn't cum. I think that she took it as a reflection of her not being sexy enough, which was not true. It's just sometimes I don't get to pop but still enjoy it. Usuually she would ask me to get back in, so I would, then simply go for it, a straight fuck, until I came. To her, having me cum, either in her or on her (she gave good handjobs) meant that she was doing her job!

    • Back in my meth monster days, I could fuck my pecker raw for hours and not get a nut. Several drugs and medications can inhibit a man's ability to cum, and sometimes a guy just doesn't cum. Not a problem, and no reflection on the woman, if he's not complaining, I wouldn't worry about it.

    • I have ran into this problem a few two of the women were just to loose and one was a squirter so I would try to not nut so she can squirt all over the place

    • I'm 45, male, and sometimes don't cum. I still enjoy the sex though.

    • I'm a 34 year old man who had the most amazing sexual encounters and no... ejaculating is not necessary to have amazing sex

    • At 50 a guy's body isnt always going to cooperate with his mind. He knows his body, and I think he ends the encounter if his body starts fighting him. Nothing wrong on your end I imagine, just roll with it and enjoy yourself. And dont worry about whether he comes everytime. If he wanted to, he would push for it.

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