Fuck Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerburg is a fucking idiot that clearly needs to resign from Facebook because he plays favorites, has let power go straight to his head, and has falsely suspended and banned users over dumbass shit and has profited on his own bullshit.

There are a number of groups who dedicate themselves to hate and harassment and anytime you report these groups Facebook doesn't lift a finger to do anything about them but you speak out about something and they hit you with a suspension or ban which goes to show how much of a fucking dumbass Mark Zuckerberg really is and why he has let all of the power he's had over the years go straight to his brainless head.

Mark Zuckerburg needs to be dragged out of his mansion and deserves to be violently assaulted better yet he deserves to get hit in his ugly, stupid looking face with a bat or a hammer and relentlessly beat the fucking shit out of him until he resigns.

Fuck you Mark Zuckerburg, Resign or Karma will come for you.

3 months ago

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    • I tried it and he just laid there showing very little enthusiasm !

    • I only read the title of your post. So, you want me to fuck Mark Zuckerberg?

    • Listen to yourself's! Is there a law that you have to be on FB? Is It a requirement? If you don't like it don't go on it dumb ass!

    • That's because he's a retarded liberal. Expects everyone to agree with their ideas, and anyone who doesn't should be silenced or destroyed because they are racist, homophobic, xenophobic.

    • You poor little conservative ass wipe. Go get your best gun and have an accident.

    • He stole the idea for the only thing he knows how to do, and he used other people's money to develop it. He loves getting his ass kissed. He uses his power to extract revenge on those who have opposed him or attempted to limit his power in any manner. He treats his employees like the Pharaoh treated the Jews. He's a gigantic P.O.S.

    • I just got out in FB jail for 3 days because a friend posted a picture of a spider in his bathroom sink and I commented “Burn the house down!”

    • Hideous overreaction! You did NOTHING wrong!!!

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