First time sucking cock

The first time I sucked a cock I was in an adult store. There was booths to watch movies. As I was standing in the dark hall I saw this sluty little thing in a skirt walk up to me. Without a word I followed her to a booth. I kissed her in the low light and I could taste the salt on her lips from the guy before me that came on her face. I put my hands up the back of her short skirt and felt the little g string she was wearing. To be honest I knew from the start that she had a cock. I was there because I read an add on CL. I played with her ass kissing her when I started to move down to my knees. I lifted up the mini skirt and moved the black g string to the side. I saw her cock and I just put it in my mouth. Nice and slow I worked it up and down. She didn't last to long as she took her cock and tried to cum on my face but after the first little bit hit my face I got the head back in my mouth and sucked the cum out. I swallowed it all and got up. With the cum still on my face she sucked me and I came all over her face. No words were said. I just left the booth and walked in to the well lite main area with the cum on my face. Walked out the main door and got in my car before I wiped it off and swallowed it. That was a fun night

4 months ago

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