My lab dog

I live alone being a widow (early 40s) and my siblings/children live elsewhere. My lab dog sleeps by my bedroom door but often sneaks into my bed and I love it... Few months back I was in half wake-half sleeping and felt his nose against my panties' crotch area, he was lapping on it. Almost subconsciously I pushed aside the helm of my panties and LO! he started lap my slit with his long tongue in earnest. I reached a couple of orgasms and open my eyes wide. OMG! I loved it. Recently I have been fucking him or rather I allow him to fuck me in dogie position. I love his strokes with about 8"long thick cock, hot spurts of cum deep into me and got knotted twice. I am getting hooked to his fucking. Anyone out there to share similar experience?

1 month ago


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    • You are so lucky I would love that to happen to me

    • Actually I let me dog lick me with peanut butter on my pussy whilst I suck by boyfriend off, the dog is to small to mount me so happy just being licked

    • Peanut butter is too sticky, try whipped cream ...

    • Alot of women are into dogs. I dated a girl who was having sex daily with her pitbull.

    • Thats bull shit!

    • Very hot. There‚Äôs been plenty of women on here telling their stories about their dogs ducking them.
      Could you describe yourself for me please

    • Are you M or F and do you have a dog?

    • A male!

    • I am a widow, aged 40+, still love sex and young cocks...

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