Nipple biting

So my wife was sucking on my chest one day and started lightly biting my nipples it hurt but felt so good made me get harder and start oozing. Now I love this foreplay can't get enough tell her bite harder what gives .

4 months ago

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    • My wife bites my nipples until they bleed while we fuck. One time my nipple got infected and I had to go to the doctor. My wife came with me and she told the doctor had happened and the doctor told us that he liked having his wife bit his .

    • Yeh thats believable! NOT!!!

    • My wife bit me on the nipple so hard once she made it bleed….my god I cummed so hard thought I would pass out…

    • I'm gay and we love teasing, pinching, massaging our nips and while sucking each others nips, plant light biting on them!! My nips have grown to 3/4th of an inch through almost regular sucking and self stimulation.

    • Shit I hope it ain't a gay thing. Man cause I let her use a strap on dildo on me and now I want to try a tranny. Dam my heads fucked up

    • Ask your wife/gf to take care of your nips and see what happens...

    • You are a homo now but enjoy it. Pretty soon you will watch the Hallmark Channel and shop at Pottery Barn

    • What channels the Hallark channel and did you find anything good last time you were at Pottery Barn

    • Guys can have sensitive nipples too. My wife rides my cock and then she pinches and twists my nipples hard, makes me cum buckets. And if she’s biting them…I shoot cum on the ceiling

    • Funny thing is when I am fucking her and she pinches them does nothing for me. But if she sucking and biting I hit the roof.

    • I like to rim my wife’s ass so tight it’s hard to breathe while she grabs both of my nipples and twists and pulls on them. I swear my nipples are getting bigger from her doing this. Next up is nipple clamps

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