Student Lust

Now that the weather is warmer, male teachers like me live in a special kind of hell. It's actually great--the girls have no inhibitions about wearing skimpy shorts that show the swell of their ass cheeks, amazing yoga pants that hug their tight little pussies, and tops that off glimpses of sweet, soft skin and firm young breasts.

I am surrounded each day by more than 600 beautiful young girls. I am horny all the time, when I'm making love to my wife, there is usually the image of a taut young body from school that day floating in front of me.

For the record, I've never acted on this impulse, and I try to be discreet.

4 months ago

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    • There are three major college campuses in my town. One of them in particular is on a very busy road with some of the dormitories on the opposite side of the road from the rest of the campus. Also the students cross the road often to go to the deli and other businesses located near the campus. I love driving past that campus when the weather is warm and checking out all the college girls walking around wearing skimpy outfits. Their young tight bodies just begging to be stared at. One of my guilty pleasures. Then the college built a tunnel that goes under the road to make it safer for the students to cross the four lane road. Now they rarely use the cross walk and it’s harder to get a good look. 😕

    • Used to suck my professor's cock endlessly in uni. I think he also enjoyed my short sundresses. Bending me over and exposing my little bare cheeks and burying his thick meaty cock deep in my organs.

    • My roommate's hot girlfriend would give me a handjob in exchange for me leaving for an hour while they fucked. I've seen her naked so she does it topless to arouse me quicker. If he'd step out she'd give me a blowjob. She said a HJ is work, BJ is fun and she liked sucking my big dick. "don't tell Bob." Duh.
      They got married.

    • I live 200 feet from a mid size campus. I can't believe how much I see. Especially this time of year. Off campus some lay out in the back yard topless. A neighbor lady complained, the cops told her it's legal in our state. My wife said they show so much cleavage, they want it tanned.

    • Ah yes those perfect tight little asscheeks poking out of the bottom of a skimpy pair of shorts. I’d give anything to put my nose up those furry little cracks and inhale that asshole and pussy scent . Gotta go beat off now

    • ^Ditto^!!!!

    • I really wanna knock one of them bitches up and then keep on fucken her while she pregnant

    • Yummy

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