I coveted my mom's panties (and her)

I had been sniffing my mom's panties for some time now. Mom has excellent taste in lingerie and I admit to tasting her panties. All silk and lace her panties are a treasure trove to me. With the lock down it had been over a year since I had been with a woman. It was only me and mom. She was just forty and I was nineteen. A large voluptuous woman, mom had long legs always clad in nylons and 4 inch high heels. A beautiful woman indeed we were especially close. She was a professional woman for a large company. She had the attributes to get her way and used them. It happened one night when we had too much wine. I went to bed with a pair of mom's panties and proceeded to relieve myself. Mom stumbled into my room and I don't remember too much except I remember the moment my mom pleaded with me to love her. We made love that night and for many times more. I didn't settle for just panties anymore.

4 months ago

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