Horny for my bhabhi

This is a real confession about my lust towards my own bhabhi... And not some made up fantasy.
My bhabhis name is Vandana and she is junior professor in amity noida . She is presently 34 years old.She is quite modern in her lifestyle yet really domicile and sort of 'sanskari' Earlier i had only respect for her coz she is a sweet innocent and soft spoken type of woman,but thing began to change when i hit puberty around when she was 28. I started noticing her body... She its totally fair,like white as milk, decent tits but huge round ass like noone elses... Illeana d'cruz could give her a tough competition but even her ass would fail before vandana's. Her face was not the best but oh her lips perfect from blowjob, like i cud fuck her mouth all night. Not to forget her perfectly placed mould on herr neck,that wud really add onto the fun. Her voice is really hot the one guys want to her in bed. She is decent from front but her rear is just irresistible .Like anyone wud get a boner if she bend a little but as we lived in same house i saw her in such position all the time.
I started masturbating thinking of her and sometimes stroking my dick behind her back. And with time the feeling got even more intense. I started taking her pics and masturbting on it with her being totally unaware. Even my friends who saw her started talking sexual things about her... And i got to know that it wasn't just me but vandana is actually a bomb.
As years passed i started doing more wierd stuff like sneeking to her wadrobe when shhe was out. I vividly remember all her collection of underwears and bras mostly of jockey and zivane brand. My favourite was her meshed red colour bra. I used to imagine her dancing for me in that. Whenever i got the view of her red bra strap strap i remember thinking to myself oh vandana u r wearing the same bra i jerked yesterday and the tthought wouldgive me a boner. She also had a bra mad out of denim material.. Sge must look salty in that.
One thing was very odd about all her underwears they were undersized according to the ass she was blessed with. I cud make out looking at her panties that they were undersized since all of those had tattered from stitching.
Next hot thing i did was send her panty and bra pics to my friends... She was our common dream whore.
Some days were hotter when i used to get a peek of her jugs when she wud bend. I just want to take her in bed in those moments and hump her real hard. .
But the hottest thing i did with her is something i still remember and get a boner... When she wud got out i used to take her lipstick and write her name "VANDANA" on my full size dick then cum in her panty and dip the lipstick in my cum a bit... I did this with almost all her her lipsticks on different occasions. So technically vandana has had my cum on her lips. Maybe im the only man to do so... Coz i feel she's to shy to give a blowjob to my bhaiya.. Or may be she is a different bitch in bed.
Eventhough she is a really nice woman,like sanskari but modern, yet softspoken and never did anything wrong to me but i really want to fuck her... When im done ejaculating i feel bad why i do this to her but maybe im jusst addicted to her ..all fault is of her whore like figure. Her figure is like as if she was just made for the purpose of getting banged in bed all day all night and give gguys walking behind her huge erections... Poor vandana im sure she must face perverts looking her all time when shes out ..and in her college... Im quite sure she'd be popular among her students in college for all te nasty reasons.
Later when i was 20 i went out of town to pursue b.comm and presently in 3rd year. I still get erection when i think of her. And chat online abou

4 months ago

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    • What is the estimate of actual frequency of Bhabhi sex in India?

    • I am so enraged that some fucktards are mad because the Snow White ride at Disneyland is sexual assault. Like did any of you miserable retards ever read or listen to snow white back in school, then again I don't think these fucktards learned anything in school because they showed outrage everytime they got F's on their report cards.

      Snow White would have died if it were not for True Love's first kiss but all of you woke unemployed, and refuse to work for a living because you are perfectly fine telling others how to do their job stupid bitches want to make it look like the prince tried to rape her. Obviously you stupid cunts need to have your brainless heads smashed with a sledgehammer.

      I'm so fucking fed up with SJWs bawwing over stupid shit like this, these people need to get a life, if your life is so miserable that you find shit to get offended over. You wonder why you are single and have no job how about you look in the mirror. Clearly these SJW fucktards never got belts taken to them growing up they instead had their phones taken away, which makes no difference because the people shouldn't be allowed to have phones or internet all because they want to find dumbass shit to get outraged over.

      Anyone who wants to start outrage should be exposed as a stupid fuck and have their heads smashed with a hammer and anyone offended by that deserves the same treatment.

    • The description is hot...hope you get to fuck vandana soon

    • Why don't you take your bhabhi in your bed strip her naked show her you dick and confess everything to her... May be even she wants to fuck you.

    • If its true your bhabhi must be quite a lady.
      Your narration skills are good.

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