He continues to embarrass me an fuck both of us

Since My first two post (below after this post) things have spiralled out of control
Previous posts below.

Last night Happened like this.
He turned up at my house and he told both my wife and I to go upstairs with him.
In our bedroom he told us to strip.
All naked he started kissing and fonderling my wife on our bed.
As he fingered her I noticed that his cock was starting to get erect.
I hated it but mine also started to get hard.
Then my wife opened her legs and he moved between them.
He fucked her for about 10 minutes before they both seem to climax at the same time.
When he pulled out of my wife’s fanny he told me to get onto the bed next to her.
Once I was on the bed he mounted me from behind, I felt both humiliated and aroused knowing what was coming next.
I felt a hard stab as his cock entered me, but it went in easily because it was covered in both his spunk and my wife’s juices!
It hurt to start with but then I annoyingly started to enjoy it.
As he started to climax, I couldn’t hold on anymore, and to my wife’s disgust shot my load onto the bed.
He relived himself inside me.
How can I stop him from fucking both of us when I both hate it but get so turned on.
On another note my wife could be pregnant by him!

My wife is like a different woman, my ex buddy is controlling our life.
He has fucked her several more times and has stopped wearing condoms when he is penetrating her.
I just sit downstairs listening to him fucking the arse off her upstairs.
Thing is that I get hard listening to them doing it.
Then thing’s got worse the last time he came round, he told me to come up stairs with them.
He made me watch him fuck my wife naked on the bed, until he came inside her.
While still joined with her he said come and join us.
I was so hard and embarrassed at the same time that I stripped off and joined them on the bed. Pulling out of my wife’s virgina, he smirked.. clean us up!
I looked at my wife’s open legs and hairy bush and the trickle of his spunk trickling out of her!
I was so hard that I came a little, but to my shame I did it.
First my wife, then the ultimate shame I sucked his cock too.
Then he said get out now, I want to fuck her again!
Grabbing my clothes I left, downstairs I could hear them fucking upstairs again.
I went to the bathroom and shot my load into the pan!
Why has she changed into someone I don’t know anymore!
What hold has he over her, she won’t let me fuck her anymore and why does this turn me on so much.

Original post

We were with two friends , husband and wife.
We had all drunk too much , when I jokingly suggested a wife swop.
The husband was all for it and kept pushing the idea. After more drinks and more pressure, my wife finally agreed, although his wife did not seem too keen.
Then suddenly her husband grabbed hold of my wife’s hand and took her upstairs.
I then kissed his wife, and Tried to touch her breasts but she said no!
It had only been about three minutes or so I said I would go and tell my wife and her husband that the swop was off.
But when I opened our bedroom door I could not believe what I was seeing!
My wife was on the bed, she still had her top on, but was naked from the waist down with her legs open!
There was a ripped condom pack on the floor he was between her legs, jeans and underpants around his ankles and his naked bottom was pumping up and as he fucked my wife!
Stop I said pathetically we are not swapping now.
He said panting, you might not be but I am now fuck off !
I Looked at my wife but she just turned away from me!
I left, it was an awkward wait downstairs until they had finished about 5- 10 minutes later.
When they came down nothing was said and they left.
We never spoke to them again.
I said to my wife that I was disappointed that she had let him start to fuck her so soon, but she said I was pathetic because I didn’t pull him off her!
She even admitted that she climaxed a little with him!
I still wonder why she let him up her so quickly.

4 months ago


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    • Last year when Peggy and I were 14 we skipped school to wait in line for tickets to a concert. This cool black dude in his 30's said he could get us some pot and tickets but it was at his place. We ended up stoned and me bottoms up getting fucked on the same king-sized bed with Peggy. It was a horrible experience and Peggy avoids boys and I'm now attracted to being forced into sex with men?

    • Did she let him get up in her so quickly on account of how hung he is??? My guess is she fell right into love soon as she seen the dick!

    • Don’t know, maybe it was the size of his cock

    • It may be due to big size of his cock.

    • Size matters. When I was 10 a cousin of dad used to come when dad was on night duty. His cock was of enormous size and mom would say oftenly that why you are not regular in making visits.

    • Is he actually above average, or did she just want something a bit different? Maybe she needed a change of pace? Does she criticize you for being smaller than he is?

    • Yes she has said he uses it better

    • Yes that happens with a lot of women. A man pulls it out and says "i'm about to fuck you with THIS. . . . ." and she just fall in love on that very goddamn spot. Its nasty and its hot but some gals are just that romantic!!! I know cuz I am that way sometimes!!! Some cocks is is just so motherfucking beautiful we cant help ourself and we go apeshit for the prettybeefs!!!! Lots of times just seeing a man's package makes our womb start to twitch, which make us want to get impregnated by that big-dicked bastard!!!!! OMGDMFG!!!!!

      By the way I love how you are sacrificing yourself to make your wife happy. Nor husband's

    • I know what you mean about the twitching. That happens to me on the dance floor of a local club not quite ten years ago. I was asked to dance by a guy I didn't know. When the song finished, I was about to leave and go home to my husband but the guy gave me a hug and I pressed my hip against him and felt his dick through his pants and mine, and it was the biggest cock i'd ever got that close to. My womb started clicking like a Geiger Counter. I looked up at him and said, "Honey you gotta take me somewhere and use that on me and put a baby in me."

    • My husband has criticized me (and sometimes actually made fun if me) for the entirety of our 20-plus-year marriage because I read and thoroughly enjoy romance novels. They are a low-brow entertainment,I suppose, but they inspire women like myself and give us hope that we might someday get swept up into something powerful and beautiful and sensual. Your situation could EASILY be made into a novel, and then a movie, and (for whatever my perspective might be worth), IT SHOULD BE!!!

    • I think so, too. It's a thrilling and inspiring story and it's packed with soooooooooooo much romance: you really MUST write it. But when you go to get at published, be certain that you reserve ALL of movie/video rights, because it will be the greatest --- and surely the most profitable --- adult feature of all time. Far beyond "Deep Throat", "Behind the Green Door", "Insatiable", and all the others. Why? Because (1) it's real, and (2) it's romantic. You have a serious blockbuster on your hands, in hardbound, in paperback, on film, and on video. You and your wife are going to be famous. And filthy rich!!! Just make sure your horrible thieving friend signs away all his rights to you. He deserves nothing and that's what he should get. NOTHING.
      Best wishes . . . . . and get busy.

    • He must be a really great guy and a really great lay for both you AND your wife to fall so deeply in love with him. Do you ever even fuck her anymore, or do you save all your love for HIM?

    • Don’t fuck her anymore, she won’t let me

    • God she such a horrid bitchpipe, eh??

    • Ur full of shit shut up and stop posting

    • YOU are; YOU stop.

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