Shaving my gf's pussy

I filled the bathtub to have bath together with my gf. We have been horny through about half-a-day’s foreplay and took to continue with the foreplay in the bathtub. We spent about half an hour in the tub submerging ourselves facing each other– my hard-on peeping though the waterline, while, her ample boobs and areolas liked too erotic for me. She had good amount of bush on her mounds to vagina. I offered to shave her bushes – she agreed. I lifted the plug and had her stand so that I could shave her bushes. First I lathered her mons and gently drew the razor down to her upper part of pussy making it bare. When that was done, she sat on the edge of the tub leaning back against the wall so that I could lather and shave her pussy lips. The lips were engorged … I could easily shave her labia clean and those close to her anus. The fresh warm water I ran to rinse her felt wonderfully silky. With a new razor I lathered and shaved her arm pits. When that was done, we had shower - both soaped and rinsed each other and then toweled us dry. With each run of my towel her tits sprang up and fall down … I kissed her tits. I dried her vagina and felt the warmth and wetness. Her towel grazed against my chest stroking my sensitive nips, she nibbled and kissed my nips to hardness – she moved her hand towards my cock, stroked it and massaged my balls. I took her in my arms to my bedroom.
“I love you,” she whispered, as she leaned over my cock to kiss it. She shifted her hips forward so that her pussy lips touched my hard throbbing penis. She leaned towards me so that I can massage her boobs and suck on her tits while she rocked her hips to stroke my shaft embedded between her wet and swollen pussy lips, the cock-head rubbing her clits. She shuddered several times with waves of orgasms…

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    • Save as much hair as you can. Put it in a sandwich bag and label it. Bet I shaved 10 before I thought of saving
      Lori 22 in 1992
      Jan 19 1992
      Amy 25 1993
      Jill 23 93 (Amy's friend I never had sex with)
      Wife 22 95 till present in Hefty bag
      Barb J 38 aka BJ 05 coworker, owned the BJ nickname.

    • WOW! What would you do with your collection? My gf is 20 yo and never used razor, only used clipper to trim her bushes. She prefers to stay virgin till marriage and I respect her wish but we do lots of necking petting cuddling sucking (nips to pussy) and showering together to edge our sexuality. This time with little encouragement, she agreed to shave her pussy and I did it for her. Then I applied some body to sooth her skin and massaged her pussy till the lips are engorged and shiny. Once done her pussy looked like a pre-teen one and I ate her giving her a mind-blowing orgasm while she finished me off with hand-job!! I love her ...

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