I use an Oscar for a dildo

I work cleaning houses in Los Angeles. West LA, Malibu, etc. There's one guy who won an Academy Award, I won't say for what. But he's handsome and funny and I guess we flirt a bit and I'm sure nothing will happen between us. (I hope not—I don't want to complicate a good gig and lose the job. Lots of women in my position will sleep with a client and then bang, out of a job.) So, this guy trusts me enough to leave me alone in the house while a couple hours every couple/few days I go in and take care of the place. When I know he'll be gone for at least more than an hour I take his Oscar from above the fireplace and get on the couch or bed and go to town. This thing is about a foot long and get most of it up there (and yes it's as heavy as they say! probably ten pounds). Today I put it in my butt, and that's when I wondered if there was a site like this you could tell people exactly this. YES washing it off after is part of ritual...

4 months ago

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    • I heard a few woman actors do it too. I believe that's why it's shaped like it is.

    • Ohhhh come on .. just a hint who it is .. now I’m really curious 🤨

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