My 3rd wife's vagina

This one is from way back. I got back into the dating scene after I lost my 2nd wife, that one was difficult because we were totally in love. For a year, I went on no dates, nothing, no sex, but one day I got my shit back together. I was introduced by friends to this 22 year old woman, she was pretty, slender, a bit on the meek side, and I liked her. There were several long months, we became exclusive.
I could play with her breasts, suckle them, she loved it and could actually orgasm just from that. But down below was completely off limits, even touching through her clothing.
I asked her to marry me, she gleefully accepted, our wedding night was in a resort hotel in Nevada.
When she came out of the bathroom in a baby doll nightie, she asked me to please not laugh at her which I did not understand. She also insisted the lights be off.
After some foreplay, I finally got down there and found the largest mass of flesh I ever found on any woman in my life!
Her vaginal lips were huge, her clit was the size of the end of my thumb, and in no time I had my mouth down there and she went nuts.
After our first joining, she got up and went to the bathroom, when she came out she told me I needed to get up.
Surprise!! She was a virgin, and we had pretty much destroyed the hotel bed.
After that, I could look, my God she was beautiful, yet growing up she was ashamed, thinking she was deformed. The truth was, she had the most gorgeous vagina I ever saw, even in pictures.
I spent so much time admiring it, playing with it, making love was like being grabbed by a soft wet vice.
She seemed to realize from my reactions that she wasn't deformed, her outfits changed from all jeans or slacks, pants suits, to shirts, dresses.
Next she was often sans panties.
I got a huge kink out of that, she began to actually flash guys, then one day I had a friend over, so I told her to let him see her, and she did, willingly.
She lay back with her eyes closed, opened her legs and his reaction was the same as mine.
Since then she turned into a blatant exhibitionist, we began to go to nude beaches, things like that.
But when that progressed to sex with others after about 6 years, that was the end for me. But I really do still miss that.

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    • That's funny, I read that as "My Wife's 3rd Vagina"

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