Sexy fitness Nympho Wife

Last year my wife got really into fitness, not to really loose weight but to sculpt her curves. But as a result of her routine her sex drive has skyrocketed. My wife is type A so she is very organized and scheduled even our sex life. I work from home and she doesn’t so only parts of my day fall into her type a ways. So every morning she wakes up at 4am and runs a mile then goes to the club house in our neighborhood. She stays there for and hour then comes home which is always 6am. I have to be hard and ready when she walks in. She come in goes in the bathroom takes off her two pair of leggings and bends over the sink and sets a ten minute timer. That’s all the time she gives me and I have to fuck her hard and fast the whole time. It never takes me ten minutes, her sweaty wet pussy feels so good I’m lucky to make it five minutes. After we fuck we get in the shower, we wash each other which is sensual and nice. But before she gets out she has me turn the handheld shower head to full blast and spray her clit until she cums again. She get out I dry her off and she gets dressed. Every day she either wears a skirt and blouse or knee length dress. However, what’s underneath is always the same, sheer black control top pantyhose and her vibrating panties. She vibrates on low all day at work and when she come homes skirt/blouse, bra, shoes come off. Panties and tights stay on, and she turns her vibrating panties on high and takes me in her mouth. Best head ever, she sucks me until she’s done not me. She swallows my load and keeps going. When she’s done she usually lays out on the floor and I peel her soaking wet tights and panties off of her and run her a warm bath. She’s usually in bed sleep by 6:30 or 7 at the latest if I don’t have food ready after her bath and sleeps all the way through. I stay up until about ten every night and cum a few more times with her wet tights around my dick. Disclaimer: the weekends are not that intense we get out and have fun on Saturdays and when we get home we get naked and have slow long sex. I love taking my time and tasting her as long as possible. And on Sunday we only leave the bed to pee and eat. Some days are more intense than others but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

1 month ago

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