Chubby pussy love of my life

Last week my coworker E and I were given shred duty in the basement of our office. We are the needy hires and it’s some sort of right of passage. We start Monday morning but Tuesday and Wednesday I start to feel like E is flirting with me super hard. Its flattering and not awkward so I indulge a little but don’t think to much of it. She not my type but she’s cute, 5’5 chubby pretty smile, really radiant dark skin. So on Thursday we’re sitting at the only table in that box filled basement finishing lunch, laughing and having a good time. E got up and threw away our trash and out of nowhere starts kissing me. I’m not a rude person so I didn’t move away, I let it happen. Her lips were very plump and soft, great kisser. It goes on for a minute, she stops and I just say wow and she smiled. Then E just starts pulling her skirt down, then her tights and sits on the table. Of course I’m like whoa maybe we should do this here, trying to slow her down. But she was in a trance, and laid back on the table. Her legs were spread showing me her semi hairy chubby pussy, and it was soaking. As she was rubbing herself she looked over at me and asked “will you have sex with me please”. She looked so sweet like she was doubting I wanted to. I do have to admit thought that pussy was enticing. So I let my pants fall, told her I did have a condom and told me just to pull out. I pulled her to the edge of the table, lifted her legs up and entered the softest wettest warmest pussy I’d ever had. E told me she wanted it slow and every stroke was euphoric. As I was getting closer to cumming I asked how she wanted it, and she told me in her mouth. I pulled out, went to her puckered lips and as soon as I pushed pass her lips I exploded in her mouth. I was loosing my mind and she had my tip locked in her lips. And swallow every drop, I was gasping for air by the time she let me go. Best sex I’d ever had and before she got up from that table I had to bury my face in her pussy. That shit was delicious and magical. All that to say we’ve been together of almost two years now but it took her six months in to tell me that was her first time. But since then she is a freak and I love it. Chubby women are the best, have a chubby juicy pussy sit on your face and I promise you won’t want skinny pussy again.

4 months ago

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    • You are so right . Chubby women are the best . Amazing pussys

    • Chubby women are wonderful lovers!

    • Are you going to fuck a nasty hot baby into that fine-ass twat? She clearly wants your baby! So give it to her!

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