Thinking of wife having sex

When I asked a cute blonde girl out when we were in college, I knew that she had already had sex with at least two guys. I knew that because we were friendly and she told me how much she liked them fucking her. After she broke up with the second guy, she asked me over to her dorm room and we had sex. I was at least the third guy that had fucked her and she was my first.
Through the years before we got married I know that several more men fucked her while she was away on business trips. She would tell me about the men that she met while on a trip but wouldn't admit that she had sex with them but also never said that she didn't.
Now many years later most of the time that I want to have sex with her I think about the many guys that have been inside her and it helps me get hard so that I can fuck her. If it didn't arouse me thinking about her other men I don't know if I could always get an erection and would be able to fuck her whenever she wants. So knowing that many other men have been inside my wife works out great as I can always get hard even as I have gotten older.

1 month ago

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    • I secretly captured all the action and uploaded on Net for the whole world to see:

    • The reality really is that you have no wife, no GF and never had one! Simply because you are afraid to walk op on one and ask her out! So you come here and humiliate disrespect women even though your therapist keeps telling you to just ask one out! But you haven't told her about all the glory holes you been to! Oh no got to keep all that cock sucking a secret so your family don't find out.


That is your sad story right you degrade what you can't have and hide you secrets away. All while you are miserably all lone with one finger on the trigger!
But that won't satisfy you! You will take that gun and go on a shooting rampage! Shooting couples along the way hoping that the first cop you meet will kill you because you are to chicken to do it yourself!

    • I am exactly the same, I only get hard when. Think of the guys that fucked my wife.
      When I go down on her, I think about their cocks going into the same place as my tongue is!
      A real turn on if honest

    • You need to watch your wife fucking and sucking another guy,not all that hard to do, if you can convince her that is what you want and this will make you happy with your sex life set up a threesome working
      slow well thought set up has always worked for me

    • Know the feeling very well

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