Sniffing panties

I love sniffing my wife’s worn panties. I have also got 2 of her friends worn pairs to sniff when I wank about them.

4 months ago

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    • I love it when your wife lets me fuck her so you can smell me in her drawers.

    • I love sniffing panties . The smell of wet cunt and asshole gets me rock hard and I beat my cock off until I jizz all over

    • I’m a mortician. The families never know their loved ones go to their graves without their undies. I have quite a collection.
      I roll around in them. They smell of sex and death. These are indistinguishable odors to me.

    • Do you just usually throw the clothes in a dumpster?

    • My wife (Lynn) hot friend Jill was over swimming. When she was done she changed back into her top and dress. I guess her pubic was wet, she didn't put her panties on. An hour later she calls and says she forgot them in our changing room, and Lynn should just throw them away. It was a hot day and they were nice and musty. This is the best part. Lynn and I both sniff them. Pretty sure she's a little bi.

    • That's interesting... Can I see that panty?

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