He fucked her five times that night

Talking about our past one night, I asked my wife what was the most sexual naughty thing that she had done with a previous lover.
I was her 15th lover and she was my 10th before getting together.
She said that she spent the night with one guy and he fucked her five times.
But he didn’t cum five times, each session lasted ages and he kept bringing her to a near climax before slowing down.
She said it seemed like his cock was inside her for most of the night!
Only on the fifth time of fucking her did he shoot his load into her!
She said that he also liked her on top, but she admitted that she was never very good at this position with lovers.
She said she didn’t suck him off.. I don’t believe her on that one as she previously told me that she did give blow jobs to most of the guys that had her before me.
She said that her cunt ( my word not hers) was quite sore the next day, and her thighs felt a bruised!
But what worries me is that she said that she climaxed three times with him.
I struggle to get her to cum if honest.
Now I am worried that she has experienced a better lover with a bigger cock than mine!

1 month ago

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    • My wife though is not satisfied by my 3 inch cock when erect. She laughs while I fuck her. I secretly captured all the action and uploaded on Net for the whole world to see:

    • Odds are 90% had bigger cock. Just like odds are 90% had tighter pussy. Everyone "struggles " to make them cum. "struggles" is just a poor choice of words. Mine says she had 8 cocks, so make that 18 in Emma Math. Playboy said to at least double whatever number they say. She is a light skin blond. She gushes on Italian, Sicilian, Spanish and Black guys. She checked all the boxes in college. The rug matches the drapes. lots of FWB said I'm their biggest, or fattest dick -- Emma has me 3rd. the black guy 2nd and the Sicilian had a porn star dick. She said her darker skinned boyfriends had a sexual prowess and loved to fuck a lot, and blowjobs. Some girls would said all that excess was sexist, but I loved it, she said. She loves sucking dick. "suck my dick" is like offering her ice cream. All girls should go to college 1,000 miles from home, where they are really free to fuck whoever without being judged. There was a "walk of shame" (getting home at sunup) at her sorority. But it was more of a badge of courage. Tongue and cheek " you whore, now who was up your fun hole."
      One girl sucked off 2 guys at a frat party and she got WHORE OF THE MONTH, and a case of beer prize.

    • Why are you worried?she married you zhe must be happy with you. My wife has had better and bigger cocks than me. Before and after we got married. We are still together and we are happy. It really doesn't matter who's she's fucked as long as you both have respect for each other. And trust me you can't hurt a pussy.

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