Fucked by 30 guys at 17 should I marry her

Drinking in a bar with my buddy one night, I got chatting to a girl who I knew before.
She was with a girlfriend.
After a few drinks we went back to her friends house, her parents were out.
I went to make coffees with the girl I knew, while my mate disappeared to the living room with the other girl.
We’re we’re only a few minutes making the coffee and took them to the lounge.
There was no light on, I put the light on and couldn’t believe it.
My buddy was on the couch fucking the other girl.
His jeans were down and her dress was around her waist.
Turn the light off he shouted. We returned to the kitchen.
The girl I knew told me that her friend was 17 and had been fucked by 30 guys already!
About five years later, I bumped into the girl my mate was fucking and we got on very well. In fact we have been together for some months now.
Talking about her past, she said that she had only had sex with a couple more guys since that night my buddy had her.
We are thinking of getting married, but can I believe her when she was fucked only twice more after taking 30 guys cocks by 17?
Can I trust her not to stray if we get married!

2 months ago


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    • I was the only guy who'd fucked my wife before we got married when we were 18 and we got into swinging soon after. We were swingers for 20+ years and she's fucked well over 100 guys and been with several dozen girls and I have no doubt I know of everyone she's ever been with. And with each encounter it's only made us closer. But if you don't know in your heart without a doubt that you can trust her don't get married or every time you hit a rough spot " and you will ". That's going to pop in your mind and that jealousy be it founded or not will destroy your marriage.

    • Try living together for awhile and see if she proves herself trustworthy. Hemingway said that sometimes you can only know if you can trust a particular person by trusting them.

    • Sex is sex, but the time I married my second husband I’ve already been with over 100 men, none of which ever bothered him, until we went to a bbq and all the men present had already been to bed with me, that was the only time it actually bothered him

    • How old were you when you had 100 guys

    • My wife had about that many guys before me while she was in college. I knew that she had been with three of my friends before we started dating. When I asked her to marry me she told me about how many guys that she had sex with and told me to think about if I still wanted to marry her. That night I decided that I still wanted to marry her. The fact that she had been with many more sexual partners than me was a turn on for me.

    • Turn on for me too, love it that she fucked so much before me

    • O.M.G.!! You won't ever again find any girl whose that sexy so you gotta GOTTA put a ring on that to keep somebody else from marrying her first! Just becoz she was active when she was young dont mean she will always be that much. If you love her and she arouses you and satisfies you thats all that ever matters. For what its worth I think her history makes her super exciting and even more attractive. The only exception would be if all that sex she had also left her with a whole pack of kids. I went out on several dates with a woman who had four children by four different fathers (and she was only 27yo!) and that was a mess. I liked her a lot and the sex was really really good, but the "family" was just a disaster and there was no space for me. You do not want to have to raise other guys kids!! But do not dismiss her just becoz she had a lot of fun once upon a time!!!

    • Agree 😊

    • I must admit that 30 by 17 is an incredibly impressive accomplishment. But I think that you can and should trust her, because she's sown her wild oats and has also developed a skill set that will keep you happy forever. Although she wasn't my first wife, I eventually married the class slut from my high school, and divorcing my first wife to marry her was the best decision I could of made. Our graduating class from 1982 was fairly big and my gal fucked about half of the guys in it. In addition, she fucked nearly the entire male faculty, except for two who were gay.

    • Love it

    • Yeah I agree that her level of experience will only work in your favor. She'll be in YOUR house every night when you come home from work, and will. be in YOUR bed every night when you go to sleep. Be proud of all she's done. When you're out in public together, or home alone, treat her like a Queen. Treat her like you're lucky to even be in her presence. BECAUSE YOU ARE!!!

      Everyone here is envious of you!!!!!

    • "We're not worthy, We're not worthy!!"

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