Stretching my married pussy

I want my tight married pussy stretched properly, to the extent that slowly over the time i dont feel my husband's cock . I would not use a toy to get my pussy stretched, rather i would like a big cock to fuck me everyday during my lunch breaks of an hour with a mission that in few weeks my pussy is opened up properly.

1 month ago


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    • I would love to be the one to help you out and stretch that pussy once a week twice a week whatever it takes but I am we have 8 1/2 inches would that work

    • You need to not post things on here i am warning you people talk shit and nasty

    • You all dumb fucks can't tell a man from a woman's post! It's a man dip shits!
      A vagina swells up and expands for sex! When sex is over it will return back to normal size. When it passes a baby it really expands but unless damage occurs, It returns back to normal size!

    • Every GF and FWB told me how big and fat my dick was. Then my wife didn't -- so I had to tell her. She would just giggle thinking he's bragging about his big dick, how high school of him. She's 105 lbs with a pretty big pussy. I love it I could fuck her an hour or 2. Tight pussy over rated, every fuck a quickie.
      After 5 years her pussy is small. WTF? Then one day I was sick of her not telling me how big my big dick is, I flat out ask her - who was your 2nd biggest BF, she said Bob, but you're right behind him. WHAT? She said Joe was #1, bigger than the big porn star in Nymphomaniacs II. "After 3x he was a perfect fit. It was blowjobs that were a challenge, but I managed that in time too. Sorry, but I had enough of your bragging about your not so big dick."
      Moral of the story, don't brag about your not so big dick. And pussy will shrink over time to the dick that's going in.

    • Not so big dick guy here.
      So I go to the adult toy store and buy her the biggest dildo for Mother's Day, 5 years ago, mostly as a joke. She said Joe was a little bigger. Now I think she's just fucking with me. Fooling around I would stick the tip in a little. I don't want to hurt her little pussy with this monster. We're 69 ing and she wetter than an otter's pocket. I get the big dildo to see how much her wet pussy will take. I slide a little, a little more -- she's going nuts and pussy is asking for more -- I slide the whole thing -- holy fuck - it disappeared, oh boy-- what did I do- she's going nuts -- I better call 911. I bet the neighbors are concerned. Then she just squirts the end out and i pull it out. "that was the best gift ever" Pussy is like memory foam. It thought Joe was back. 2 years later we are moving. I threw the big dildo away, told her the a moving guy must have swiped for wife.

    • My wife pussy is like a bucket, amazing pussy to fuck.

    • My redhead wife pussy is same and an amazing fuck

    • Do what my wife did. Start fucking black guys. They broke her in right. She loves big cocks now. Even in her ass I'm 7 inches and my cock slips in her so easily.

    • Have sex with multiple partners till you find the right size for your cunt. One tip: ask your well hung partner to wear a sheath custom made of thermal material (this would add girth to the cock) and then put on a ribbed condom - fuck well to rip apart your cunt as he will be too far from cumming!!

    • Start with them on, fuck longer harder 2 condoms on.
      Then I take both off.
      It's like my dick went to heaven.
      An old GF made me ware them when she had her period. She didn't want my dick bloody.
      Discovery: I'd made believe I slipped out "oops" and slide it off. She used to cum like squirt gun. and though my cum was hers plus the blood.
      Now I do it with my wife. No make believe with her.

    • Wit this added sheath my partner piston-fucked me for half an hour. He was not yet to cum and sweating hard. I reached three mind-shattering orgasms! My cunt got almost sore. We took rest for sometime and resumed fucking. My pussy lips were throbbing, felt pulp, my cunt hole on fire. At last I urged him take off the contraption to end our session. He unloaded an unbelievable amount of cum deep in to me ...

    • Crude, cruel and ultimately counterproductive.

      And shameful.

    • Do you want to have sex with me

    • Try getting pregnant and giving birth. That ought to do it.

    • Why? Not judging just want to know is he small or do you not want him ? Do you just want big cock ?have you ever had a big cock befor?

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