They fucked her up her arse

I knew my wife would fuck when I first met her, she had a bit of a reputation.
We fucked on our first date.
Many guys had had her, but once we were married she remained faithful to me.
But I found out that a couple of the guys that had conquered her, had fucked her up her arse!
I Tried to once but only got my cock halfway inside her before she said no stop it.
She has never let me do it with her again.
Why would she let a couple of previous guys penetrate her arse but not me?

2 months ago

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    • My wife sleeps around often. She and her girl friend always are going to bars picking up men to fuck. Now with that said at least a couple dozen of those men have fucked her up the ass according to her. I have tried to fuck her in the ass but she won't let me. I find that strange but its true.

    • My wife is the same way. Several guys told me that she fucked in both holes and would suck their dicks. She has never let me penetrate her butt and has only on a few occasions sucked me off. I think that she feels that both of those things were fine as she was exploring and getting to know what she liked sexually. I wish that I dated her when she was still finding our what she liked.

    • Does it turn you on thinking of them up her?

    • First thing is, she has to want to work up to it. If she doesn't this will all be an uphill battle. But if you can get her on board, the basic strategy is to lube her up real good and use different sized butt plugs to work her up until she's loose enough to take your cock. get a small medium and large plug, with the large being the same size as your dick or a little bigger. The plugs are a nice workup because you can leave them in without moving them, since the friction can be too intense at first... and when they're used that way they just make her feel "full" and they take up space in the pelvis making the pussy feel tighter for you. Once she's comfortable with the big one, start moving it in and out a little to start to get her used to the sensation. AND USE LOTS OF LUBE. I know i've said that before but it's so fucking important. When she seems comfortable with the big one moving in and out, then swap it for your dick. lf you have a decently sized large plug, the transition will be easy and she won't find it unreasonably uncomfortable.

    • Lube well her ass-hole and fuck doggie position.

    • Start by repeatedly getting your tongue in her anus. Then your finger. Then more than one finger. You can see the pattern and the progression. You'll soon have her begging for it.

    • She wanted to see what it was like and gave it a go. Didn't like it. Tried it again, to be a sport, and to see if she could find SOME way to please her man but not cause pain or displeasure to herself. It has nothing to do with making you feel inferior or undesirable.

    • Get her tipsy, go down on her, slip two finger in her vag then with the saliva running down to her butthole slip a finger in slowly, move the fingers in and out while licking her, then move down to licking her hole. Have vag sex with her and tell her “I want to F you in your sexy A”. Then lube it and do it.

    • Get her drunk. She’ll not say no then

    • Maybe their cocks were smaller.

    • Or maybe they went about it nicer.

    • That’s what I do.

    • Or maybe you have to stuff her panties in her mouth and then plunge balls deep in her shitter and pump it until you shoot hot jizz in her bowels and then she goes and makes you a fucking sandwich

    • I see you’ve read Jane Eyre

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