I just want to submit to a man and give him my pussy all the time

I have a desire to have a man live with me, and have sex with me as often as he has the need to cum in me. I love sex and men and I want to cum with him, but I usually only have the urge to cum 2 times a day. The sexy/handsome man I have been with likes to cum 3 times a day and that's good with me. He left beautiful me because he wanted to have sex with other women. He blew it because he did with one and didn't like her because during sex she said, "Stop, it hurts" after 10 minutes. I not only never said that, I let him roll me over and fuck me any time he wanted to willingly giving him my mouth or my pussy. Why are some men so dumb they think the woman who is in love with him, who is beautiful, and sexy, smart and has money can be replaced? He will regret losing me as no woman is going to look like me plus love sex like me and is fun like me. His self esteem is no where to be found and that's the problem. Not my problem as I can get pretty much any man I want to...but I wanted him. Sigh. Oh well, moving on.

1 month ago

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    • Wish I was your man. I can fuck you any way I want and lick your ass and Pussy.

    • You need to not post things on here i am warning you people talk shit and nasty

    • OK dude!

    • Ok boomer!

    • If only you were a woman. If only this were real. Too sad, Mikey.

    • It is real. Some men are smart in their areas of their career, but not able to emotionally handle relationships for whatever their issues are. That's what is truly sad. There are a lot of good looking, successful and smart men who are truly lonely because no matter how much they want to they cannot emotionally connect with a woman. The first guy I dated could fuck for a long time, but he could never cum in me, or out of me. He never had an orgasm, ever. He would stop himself and say, "All you girls want to try to get me to cum in you and trap me." I was like, "huh? Don't you want to cum?" I dropped him because I thought that it was just too weird. He wasn't even very old, only 50. I have never had that happen; does anyone know what that is, and why?

    • I am a woman. I am a sexy beautiful woman who loves sex and men. I love to cum (yes, woman say cum, orgasm pick whatever word you like) and I am single now that my insecure but sexyhandsomesmartsucessfulgymhoned body boyfriend decided that we could be having sex, but he's not ready for a relationship anymore. That's true, he is not officially divorced yet. So, I said no deal and now I am single again. It's OK. I have dates tomorrow and the following night, and another the following weekend. It won't take long to replace him if I think one of my dates this weekend is what I am looking for and I think he is.

    • Good luck to you.

    • Yeah, he's gonna need a LOT of luck, for sure.

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