Why does she like young cocks

Before me my wife was fucked by lots of guys.
But most of them were five or six years younger.
Why would she get naked and open her legs for boys when at 25 she was old enough to be their mother?
she was pretty and could have had any guys her own age?
I am puzzled!

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • Young cocks are sturdy and throbbing when erect, good for deep thrusting. Did she try any black cocks?

  • No black cocks she told me

  • Bet she sucked their young cocks too!

  • She Insane in the brain. Just insane in the membrane.

  • Further Pedo leave her!

  • Well if she was 25 the guys where 19 and 20 year olds that's not bad . My wife was 19 and she was fucking older guys. 30 and 40 years old. What's the difference. Like I said before many times. If you love her it doesn't matter how many guys she has fucked or will fuck . If she's happy you will be also. I don't care who my wife opens her legs for as long as it doesn't interfere with us.

  • You don't care? How about when one of them brings an STD or STI and that one lasts a lifetime of taking pills and having breakouts and flareups! But that doesn't happen in your stupid fake fantasy!

    The reality really is that you have no wife, no GF and never had one! Simply because you are afraid to walk op on one and ask her out! So you come here and humiliate disrespect women even though your therapist keeps telling you to just ask one out! But you haven't told her about all the glory holes you been to! Oh no got to keep all that cock sucking a secret so your family don't find out.

    That is your sad story right you degrade what you can't have and hide you secrets away. All while you are miserably all lone with one finger on the trigger!
    But that won't satisfy you! You will take that gun and go on a shooting rampage! Shooting couples along the way hoping that the first cop you meet will kill you because you are to chicken to do it yourself!

  • They were 16 and 17

  • You people have no understanding of basic, simple arithmetic. Jesus.

  • Mine had daddy issues. Grew up without one. From 18 on all her fuck buddies were in their 40's, married and rich. One bought her a Z28 and took her yachting. She was his topless trophy on deck. They helped her develop. One was her boss who taught her the details of the business. Sent her to accreditation schools. She rose to the top by 25. She laughs about how a janitor caught her giving him a blowjob. Why tell me that? The boss is gone but the janitor is still there, so is the gossip. .. she said

  • #sickass# #bitch ass#

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