Should I have a deal with my sister a blowjob for robuxs?

My sister is 13 and I’m 16 recently I found a way to get free robuxs not much it’s just like 30-50 robuxs. I brag to her that I have robuxs and she doesn’t.she gets mad because of that. She wants me to give her robuxs so I’ve thought how much control I have over my sister. So I’ve fantasized about her given me head and me pushing her head up and down. So I’ve thought about how I vould give her tonic and when ever I want I could get a blowjob from her. One in the morning one in after dinner and one in the night it would be the best experience ever. I could put my cum all over her 13 year old mouth and maybe fuck her. She has a bubble but and when she wears pjs I always get a boner from her. Her pussy must be tight and with no hair just perfect and soft. So should I teach my sister sex and get blowjobs from her while I give her robuxs? I always wanted to fuck my sister now all I have to do if she agrees with my plan

3 months ago


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    • No, you really shouldn't take advantage of your sister. I sincerely hope this is a troll post and that you're not being genuine.

    • What

    • Hey so any of you guys wanna watch incest porn?

    • Damn look at the comments on this one

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